Feelings and Such

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I feel like I outta and wanna give a shout out to some people/blogs/sites that have been majorly supportive of my blog/story/thingy.

It’s easy for me to forget how great things are and then I get all funky and wahh and eh and meh and on and on and well, life is good for the most part. Even when it is winter and chilly it’s still nice to be alive and be able to breathe and all that.

Besides, when I remember to be grateful I want less and appreciate more. Meaning I don’t feel the urge to spend and I actually truly recognize the awesomeness that surrounds me and how material things don’t matter much at all in the big scope of things, you know.

I’m thankful for wonderful sponsors. Thank you: Big Joe’s Man Cave, The Spirtual Finance Initiative, LobotoME, Think of England, Seahag and Walrus, Scout: Dry Goods & Trade, Quickie Review, Dan and Larry. Also, thank you to the sites that have recently included my site on theirs: Girl with the Red Balloon, Move To Portugal, Debt Free By Thirty, MidLife Mom Musings, BlogHer, Misplaced Coupon, The Lilliputian Project, Change Can Be a Good Thing, My McLovely Life, Five Foot Phenom, Vartabedianr, 24 Savvy, Bride-onicles, Maigh, Cute Like Me, Erica Leigh, Laurel Queen, Hand D Photo, Go Boo Boo, Off The Beaten Path, Westervin


4 thoughts on “Feelings and Such

  1. Niki

    Thanks for the shout out and I am honored.
    I have to say I find your blog so inspirational and beautiful, thank you for the work you do.

  2. Laura

    Thank you from me too..I love your blog and like Niki find your writing inspirational…..your Autonomy post really sums up how I feel about debt, but could never put into words.

  3. laurelqueen aka Jen

    Ha, No, Thank YOU! I can't believe something so smalll as placing a link on my blog (so that I could refer to it later) would get me recognised I absolutely love your blog and all the tips.. as I am trying to "spend less, save some, pay off debt" so your blog rang true for me! Thanks again!!

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