8 Easy, Inexpensive Holiday Crafts to Keep the Kids Busy!

easy holiday crafts andthenwesaved.com

easy holiday crafts andthenwesaved.com

easy holiday crafts andthenwesaved.com

This is a guest post from the lovely, Sarah Ann Noel. Hope you’re having a great holiday week! – Anna 

When we found out we were moving to NYC, I decided to seriously downgrade and purge most of our belongings. I managed to turn off sentimentalism (which normally runs thick through my blood), and I really did a number on our collection of stuff. Of course, now it’s Christmastime and I’m at my most nostalgic, realizing that sometimes an emotional attachment isn’t so bad! What I left of Christmas knick-knacks seems like sparse decor for even a tiny Brooklyn apartment! So I quickly conjured up what this non-crafty mama could DIY to add some holiday cheer to our place. Below are the decorations that we’ve made for our home, and these also are great inexpensive crafts to make with kids during the loooooong holiday break!


8 Easy, Inexpensive Holiday Crafts (& Decorations) to Keep the Kids Busy…

1. Homemade Ornaments

And I know what you’re thinking! I let my kids roll up some construction paper and cotton balls and then stick it on the tree. Thankfully, even the non-crafty can do something a bit more sophisticated. First, we made our own play dough (here are six different recipes to try depending what you have on-hand in the pantry) and color it with red and green food coloring. Then we roll out the dough and use the Christmas cookie cutters for seasonal shapes, piercing each one with a drinking straw (near the top) for a hole to thread later. We bake them, and once they all dry, we add some glitter, paint and some ribbon. Voila! Cute ornaments with a precious, nostalgic feel.

2. Paper Snowflakes

This is a tradition we keep every year, one of our Advent calendar activities. It’s so easy to do and a fun craft for kids and adults alike (we use this GREAT tutorial every year). I put it on our calendar early this year so we could enjoy the snowflakes for a good long while. It adds so much to home decor in a pretty, subtle way.

3. Popcorn Chain

I’ve always seen this in movies but I’ve never actually done it until this year. This is such a great touch in addition to the tree and the homemade ornaments. I always buy popcorn cheap in the bulk section because it’s an easy snack to keep around that lasts forever. So pop some popcorn, make hot chocolate, turn on your Christmas music, cuddle up, and get to threading! (You can throw in cranberries for good measure if you like but that’ll up your price!)

4. Natural Accents

Something about bringing the outside in feels particularly festive during the holidays. Maybe it’s the same idea as a Christmas tree spread throughout the house. I have a friend who purposefully buys a fuller Christmas tree so she can trim it down and use the scraps for wreaths and other natural accents. Or you can go for a walk through the woods and collect fallen branches and pinecones. Tie them up with ribbons, sprinkle them with glitter, or just let nature do it’s best work on its own. It’s a subtle, natural way to make your home look it’s best without spending a dime!

5. DIY Photo Snow Globes 

6. Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

7. Clothespin Rudolph

8. Paper Plate Santa


What are some of your favorite inexpensive holiday crafts?

P.S. Cheap holiday decorations that are begging to be made.

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