Earn Up to $300 in Extra Holiday Cash with these Side Jobs

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Making some extra cash for the holidays is a good way to feel better about the spending you do. You can limit the debts you’re creating and hopefully move into the New Year with a clean financial slate. Consider earning extra holiday cash to pay for the gifts you buy or for the party you plan to throw. The holidays are a prime time to take advantage of other people’s very busy schedules. A lot of times people will be willing to pay you to lighten their load by taking care of things they cannot. Win. Win.


9 Creative Ways to Earn Extra Holiday Cash… 

1. Be a Shopper

Some people will be more than glad to pay you for getting their holiday shopping done. Whether you have a reliable car for transporting groceries or you have a knack for great gift ideas, you may be able to earn yourself extra cash by hitting the mall or grocery store for your family, friends, and neighbors. Put the word out on Facebook, Instagram, or just send out a group text to your friends and family members that you’re ready and available to help with those last-minute shopping needs… for a fee, of course. You can charge by the hour or by the job.

2. Get Wrapping

There are people who LOVE wrapping gifts, and those that despise it. I used to love wrapping them but then switched over to the “Eh. I’d rather not” camp once time because more pressed. For people that dislike wrapping gifts, make yourself available. If you have the space, offer to wrap and store items at your house. People may appreciate that they don’t have to worry about finding a place to hide gifts in their own house from nosey spouses and kids. If you don’t have the extra room, set up a time to wrap the gifts at the person’s house. You’ll need to be organized to ensure presents and gift tags match up correctly. Charge extra for fancy bows and hard-to-wrap items. Also, charge more if you’re bringing your own wrapping paper and supplies.

3. Get Crafty

If you are talented in the craft department, sell your stuff online, in the neighborhood, or through consignment stores. Capitalize on your own talents making wreaths and other holiday décor. Be sure to price items appropriately based on what you actually spent, plus your time, and a markup. You can easily throw your items up on Etsy, or be a part of holiday gift fairs (it’s not too late!).

4. Shovel, Mow, or Rake 

Depending on where you live there is always something that can be done to the yards. People that plan on having holiday gatherings at their homes likely need someone to tend to their yards even if it just means sweeping the walk, and picking up random litter that’s drifted up to the curb. Sell your ability to trim trees, mow grass, or shovel snow out of driveways leading up to the holiday party. You may also be able to keep your job after the holidays throughout the winter! You can find out what to charge by calling around to different pro places, to get an idea of how they charge for their services.

5. Clean House

People may also need help getting their homes in order for the holidays, especially when time is limited. If you have cleaning and organizing skills, you can sell your services to those in need. You can offer up general home cleaning or specialize in a niche area of cleaning such as doing the windows, steam-cleaning carpets (rent a steam cleaner from the grocery or hardware store, and pass the rental fee onto your customer, of course), or deep-clean the entire house.

6. Day of Event Helper

When we had Baby Henry’s 1st Birthday party a little bit ago my sister, Christine, was in town, and she was SO HELPFUL. It was unreal. She helped us the night before the party to make and finish up things, and then the day of the party she helped us set-up, then she cleaned up random things like plates, and cups left around the house as the party was going on, and then she even helped out with the clean-up after the party(!). I can’t tell you how amazing it was to have an extra set of helpful hands around. It definitely made me realize how not only thankful I am to have such a generous sister but how awesome it was to be able to focus on the guests and the baby without having to worry about those details as the day went on. It was such a gift, and I know I will consider getting a day-of helper if/when we have another party.

7. Care for Babies and Kids

Parents that need to have some kid-free time to go shopping will appreciate reliable sitting services. You can offer to care for kids in the neighborhood for a few hours each week throughout the holidays or during adults-only holiday parties.

8. Cater Parties

With holiday parties in full swing, you may be able to pick up a temporary job in the catering industry. Catering companies often hire temp workers or workers as needed for the parties and events that they cater during the holidays. You may not be able to keep the job once the holidays pass but you can net some pretty decent paycheck if you make yourself available.

9. Send Out the Cards

It’s not too late for this one! If you enjoy sending out holiday cards, offer that service to people. The client provides the addresses and you do the other work. You can offer to select cards, address them, and mail them out for a reasonable price.


Do you know of other ways to make holiday cash that I didn’t mention above? 

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  1. Katie Beth

    These are awesome ideas I’ll have to try next year. This year I paid for all my Christmas shopping by selling designer bags I had from years ago that I didn’t need anymore on eBay!

  2. Katie

    Pet-sitting! I work part-time for a pet-sitting company and the holidays are some of the most profitable times since many people leave town and are unable to take their animals with them. A few years ago, I made an extra $800 during Christmas week just by spending a few hours checking on various cats around my area every day.

  3. Melanie

    These are awesome ideas. Even with the holidays over, it doesn’t have to stop there. Recently I signed up with a website called clickworker and that is how I earned a little more during the holidays. It’s a site where you can earn some money on the side by writing, translating and doing research. Jobs vary in the amount but it adds up if you frequently check back. Once your account hits $1 they’ll pay out via PayPal on Wednesdays. It is easy and if your tech savvy I highly recommend it.


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