Dry Faster!

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Saving money is fun at the end of the month when I get to see how much I saved but in the in-between parts you know, from the 1st to mid- late month it can be pretty un-fun.

Lucky for me February is a short month.

Look. I’m finding myself hoping for less days so I can see how much I saved. It’s like let’s get back to the good part and fast forward through this everyday not spending money boring part.

It can be a little monotonous. It can be a lot boring. It can make me wish I never started doing this in the 1st place. Of course, the grown-up responsible side is thinking “Yay! 401K! and I’m getting debt paid off! Look how reponsible I am!” But the not grown-up side of me wants to go blow my paycheck on earrings, slurpees and movies.

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