Don’t Give Up! You’ve Got This!

don't give up before the miracle happens

“Don’t give up before the miracle happens.” – Fannie Flagg

It’s easy to feel discouraged when things get tough through the getting out of debt process but I have to urge you to continue on. If you haven’t started your getting out of debt journey yet, believe that’s it IS possible to become debt-free.

Please, do not give up before you start. You deserve a debt-free life so let’s kick some debt-ass together and get on with some good living!

You’ve SO got this!

It's time to CRUSH that debt!


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18 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up! You’ve Got This!

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  1. Kathryn

    We have paid off $45,000 and have about $10,000 left. My goal is to pay it off by the end of this summer. We’ll see! I’m so ready to be done with it!


  2. Charlotte

    That’s AMAZING Kathryn! How long did it take you? I think you can definitely do it!

    Whenever I feel to urge to buy something, I just think about how much money I’ll be “earning” when I don’t have to use it to pay cc interest. It’s definitely an inspiring thought!

  3. Brad @ Mr. Write Awa

    I love that quote! My wife and I are a week away from being debt free. The weight has been lifted… dollar signs are heavy. I’m also reiventing/relaunching my blog on Monday so the quote couldn’t be more appropriate.

  4. Meghan

    Thanks! My husband and I just started our spending diet and its lovely to be reminded how far we’ve come already and how far we still need to go.

  5. Emily

    I really needed to see this today as well. I love that you quoted Fannie Flagg! Thanks very much for the encouragement. Getting ready to cut off my cable to today to help put my money where my debt is!

  6. Sarah

    Thank you for this.. Just yesterday I paid off two credit cards with an income tax return. It was hard, and we have a ways to go but this really helps!

  7. Candice C.

    Thanks for this! I come to your site every time I need a little “boost.” I’ve read through most of your posts and can relate on so many levels. I am a single grad student struggling with a lot of credit card debt and the soon-to-be-arriving student loan payment after I graduate this year. Started a spending diet last month and trying my best to stick to it with the support of my boyfriend. It is so hard! Putting every little bit I can toward my credit cards right now, including my tax refund. I am making baby steps, but every little bit counts! Thankfully I grew up in a very frugal-minded family and have perfected the art of couponing, so I know I can do this!

  8. momoftwo

    Oh, this came at a perfect time. We have one of the three debt monsters (as the kids call them) paid off (he’s dead!) and one gasping for breath (it has received a mortal blow). An uplanned emergency expense caught us and one of the debt monsters got fed a little because we didn’t have enough in reserve. It was such a sad day. We are really committed and I’m trying to keep everyone’s spirits up. Just a little setback! I told the kids that even Anna did that sometimes. Changing habits is hard, but we can do it! Thanks, Anna!


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