Why Donate?

What, donate?!?! I thought I was supposed to be SAVING MONEY?! This doesn’t make sense! Why should I give you money?

I know, right? I talk on and on about saving money and getting out of debt and then go and put a donate button on the site.

Let me explain… So, I’ve spent about a gazillion hours* working on this blog to provide motivation and hope for those who are in debt and see no way out. I’ve done it without requiring fees or memberships, and I do my best to only select sponsors and advertisers that are the very best match for the blog. What that means though is that I have to turn down a lot of sponsors because it’s about y’all, the readers, and your experience.

Donating obviously isn’t required and if you can’t donate, then don’t. Please don’t go getting yourself further into debt. My word, that’s the absolute LAST thing I would want you to do. But if you can afford to, and if you’ve found this site useful and helpful then go ahead and click the button below!

Well, what do I get out of it?

You get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping the site continue on so that others can find their way out of debt, and get to living the lives they are meant to. By helping people live the lives they’re meant to you’re basically making the world more amazing. So, there’s that.

Okay, I want to donate but what is a good amount?

Whatever sounds good to you sounds good to me. Donate a lot or a little. Do what feels right.

*Approximate guess, but that’s pretty close.