DIY: How to Upcycle Your Favorite Flats

how to upcycle shoes

Old is new again with this easy technique! Rather than “Let’s go shopping!” This DIY is all about making do with what you already have!

DIY: How to Upcycle Your Favorite Flats…

Have you ever thought, “These are my favorite pair of flats. I should buy ten pairs of these!” I usually restrain from doing so, because I feel silly buying so many of the same pair of shoes but as soon as the tip of the shoe starts peeling off I find that I regret not buying those extra pairs.

Rather than continually regret not buying 10 pairs of shoes at I time, I started upcycling my flats and heels as soon as it shows sign of wear and tear.  Now, I don’t have to hopelessly try to hide my tip of my shoes and I don’t have to hurt my wallet every time I clumsily scratch my shoes.



– E6000 Industrial strength adhesive

– Toothpicks

– Popsicle Sticks

– Choice of colored seed beads (or other decorative beads)



Make sure to cover your table with newspaper to protect it from dropping glue.


How To:

1. Starting from the tip, pour glue on to your shoe.

2. Use the popsicle sticks and spread the glue evenly.  Fortunately E6000 doesn’t set for a minute or two, so don’t panic and be patient!

3. Pour beads all over the spread glue, and preferably over a dish to catch all the falling beads.

4. Press down with your fingers and move around the beads to make them compact together.

5. For small spots that you’ve missed, use a toothpick to add more glue, and put more beads.  Repeat until there are no empty spots left.

6. Let the shoes dry naturally in a well-ventilated area.

7. Finished!  Show off your brand new bedazzled shoes!


Have you ever upcycled your shoes? Do you have a pair that could use some refreshing?

Chloe Youm is a wedding blogger and designer at The Little Canopy.  She helps all the DIY and budget conscious brides to get their perfect dream wedding with crafts and inspirations.


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