DIY Painted Pillow!

painted pillows diy

My couch has been feeling a little naked lately. It was looking a little drab and bare and there was really nothing to celebrate about it. You see, it was in desperate need of a pillow party, but here was my dilemma: pillows can mucho expensive! In fact, the most affordable pillow’s I could find that were bright and fun and fresh were $25.oo a piece. That would just not do. So I did what any proud DIY-er would do. I rolled up my DIY sleeves and threw myself a DIY Pillow Party! Wanna party too?

Check out this easy-peasy DIY painted pillow tutorial!…


– Material…I used painter’s drop cloth (you can find it at your local hardware store) because it is extremely affordable and heavy-duty

– Craft paint in whatever color you want (I’m all about freedom of expression here)

– Stuffing…now I used polyester stuffing because it was the cheapest, which rocks


DIY Painted Pillow

1. First, you will need to cut the pillow out of the fabric. Don’t forget to cut a front piece (that you will paint) and a back piece (that will be sewn on the back). I cut mine to 28″ x 28″ but there’s no rules here people. It’s a party remember?

DIY Painted Pillow

2. Second, we are going to jump right in with some painting. No point messing around when it’s a DIY pillow party. I decided to mix my paint with a touch of water because one, it makes the paint go further, and two, it helps the paint bleed into the fabric and creates cool patterns.

DIY Painted Pillow

3. Now the wicked-fun part…times to splatter paint! I think that the splatter is what really makes it a party. I just loaded my brush up with watery paint and flicked the crap out of my pillow front, as a lady should. Then I patiently waited for it to dry.

DIY Painted Pillow

4. Fourth, break out the sewing machine (now you can totally sew your pillows by hand). When sewing a pillow, you want the rough edges to be inside the pillow, so when lining up your pillow front and back, you need to make sure the front of the pillow is facing the inside while sewing. In other words, lay your pillow front piece front-side-up and place the pillow back on top. Make sure the two pieces are lined up and sew all the way around the pillow on three of the four pillow sides. The reason you leave one side (or a large part of one side) open is so you can turn the pillow right-side out and stuff it (see below step)

DIY Painted Pillow

5. This is below step. Now reach into the pillow opening and feed the right side out. This leaves a nice clean seem around your pillow because, while this is a party, we still want to keep it clean.

DIY Painted Pillow

6. And finally it’s time to stuff! I like myself a full pillow-nice and squishy-so I added lots of stuffing. Then you fold in the rough edges on the opening and stitch the opening closed. I took the lazy route and used my sewing machine to sew the opening shut. Annnnnnd….Tada! Finished pillow! It’s time to party!

8 DIY Painted Pillow

Have you ever made pillows? What is your favorite way to freshen up your space for cheap?

Alix Adams is a glitter user and ice cream abuser. She blogs at A Ruffled Life when she’s not kissing her baby’s fat rolls or painting a wall.


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  1. Meghan

    They look great! Last weekend, I decided to try to recycle the down from an old comforter for pillows. BAD idea… I’m glad you picked up polyester filling. I’ll be cleaning up tiny feather bits for months. :D

    1. Alix at aruffledlife

      Oh no! Feathers everywhere! Yes, polyester filling is so so so affordable and you can kind of fluff it apart, which makes the bag stretch even further! Good luck with future stuffing projects!

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  4. John

    i’ve never made a pillow and i hope i can do that
    you have an art blood sweetheart
    i like the splash it looks different

  5. Fournier

    For one thing, you need to use a low weight pillow with arms and cup holder. The increased weight of a larger pillow can result in sore necks, numbness, or discomfort. You may find it to be difficult to turn over on your side.


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