Darning Those Socks

how to repair your socks

Does anyone else have a few hole-y socks tucked into their sock drawers? I have a few for sure! All of a sudden I’ll feel the heel of my foot sticking to the inside of my shoe and then I know that I’ve got a hole in the sock. The sticky foot is a sure sign indeed.

Darning socks seems like a bit of an urban legend to me. I don’t think I’ve even met anyone who’s ever darned a single sock and if I did well, I take that back, maybe I HAVE met someone who darned a sock and maybe we just didn’t discuss it.

“Hey, guess what I did on Monday night? I darned my socks AND IT WAS GREAT!”

Nope. Doesn’t happen.

But, that doesn’t mean sock darning is any less useful or money saving.

I’ve got some socks I’m going to be darning up here any minute so now you can say you met someone who’s darned one. Where I would’ve tossed those socks in the trash in the past now they are getting new life.

This handy tutorial found over at Craft Zine tells us how to get the job done.

That’s so cute! Who knew!


3 thoughts on “Darning Those Socks

  1. Katie

    I love darning socks! I have a few pairs that look pretty ridiculously "loved", like the Velveteen Rabbit. :) But hey, they've gotten me through to the start of another flip-flop season, and that's the important thing!

  2. Ann

    I just learned how to darn socks! It's just as zen as knitting, but takes so much less time than knitting a whole garment.

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