The Easiest DIY Ever – Crinkle Cut Paper

make crinkle cut paper

Okay, this just might be THE EASIEST DIY ever. But, I had to share it because, you guys, I almost spent $12 on pre-made crinkle cut paper. And then I was like, “Whoa, whoa. What the heck am I doing!? It’s just bent paper!”

Actually, I gotta back this story up because that’s totally not what happened. My husband walked in as I was about to press “Buy” and then he said, “You’re buying cut-up paper?” and then I was like, “Um, yes.” Followed quickly by “That’s probably a dumb thing to buy I guess” and then I walked away with my tail between my legs.

See, old habits run deep. Proof that I’m not “cured” of my shopaholic ways. Mildly “fixed” maybe, but barely.

How to make crinkle cut paper and save yourself $12 (and embarrassment)…


  • Shredder (If you don’t own one maybe your friend has one or you could use the one at work? Moral of the story, don’t go out and buy one just for this)
  • Scrap paper (think brown paper grocery sacks, old wrapping paper, colored paper that’s in the recycling bin, newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Scissors


  • Cut the paper into squares about 5″x5″ (this way you won’t have super long pieces, if you want long pieces that’s cool, just skip this step)
  • Put a clean plastic bag (or re-usable bag) under the shredder
  • Shred baby shred
  • Once you’ve shredded all your paper crunch up the paper that’s in the bag

Nutty easy, right?!

You can see above that my version of the crinkle cut paper is slightly less crinkly but I think that’s totally okay since it was free and all.


What crazy easy DIY’s do you like to do?


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  1. grace

    JUST found your website and absolutely love this idea! I was about to buy bulk bags of this crinkle paper too then I thought, NO there’s got to be a way I can make it! Thanks for the post!! Can’t wait to start saving money- I really need to buckle down with money. Will be reading lots of your posts, I’m sure!

  2. Judy

    to make it a little more crinkled, you can fold up the sheet of paper before shredding it and carefully putting the paper in sideways. Or just turn the shredder off, put the paper in, then turn on.

  3. Robin Schwetz

    Oh my you saved the day just sitting here thinking their has to be away to do this Google it and this was the first thing that popped up thank you


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