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On Monday morning I was on Colorado Public Radio to join in the discussion about how some FICO credit scores may be getting a boost soon because medical collection debts won’t be getting weighed as heavily as they have in the past. (This is such great news!) I talked more about my story and how I got out of debt while Chad Gentry from Mpowered talked about the nuts and bolts of how the change will affect consumers.

We were interviewed by Ryan Warner, and I’ve got to say, his voice is amazing. I might have to have his interviews on repeat, so I can listen to them whenever I need to relax. Smooth and soothing with great questions mixed in.

anna newell jones on colorado public radio andthenwesaved.comAnyway!

The very first question he asked me is, “What is your credit score?” When I was getting ready for the interview it dawned on me that when I was in the thick of my debt I used to have NO IDEA what my credit score was! I was completely ambivalent. It was partly because I wasn’t applying for any car or home loans so I didn’t really have to know.  (Just wanted to clarify, in the article on the CPR site they said that I just recently found out my credit score, which is not correct. I just recently looked up my current score. While I don’t have my past credit scores memorized, I was aware of what it was after I got out of debt.)

I’d love for you to listen, and tell me what you think about the new FICO model. Do you think medical debts should be weighed as heavy as other types of debt? Do you agree or disagree with the change?

Here’s the link to the audio recording: Consumer Credit Scores Could Soon Get a Boost – on Colorado Public Radio. (My part starts up at the 6:36, if you’re rushed for time.)


Have you had medical debts go to collections? Will your credit score be going up?

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  1. dani

    I have my own theories about credit scores, and how they affect people. For one, I don’t think that anything from your past should make a difference – credit scores should show your current standing only. How many 18 year olds got their first credit card in college, and are still being haunted by those decisions years later? Speaking of college, student debt, unless defaulted, shouldn’t show up. It just shouldn’t. Look at the percentage of people in America who attend a college or university after high school, these days. EVERYONE has student loans. I know, I know, don’t spend what you can’t afford, but if that was the case, a really intelligent student with middle income parents couldn’t afford their ivy league education. And if it weren’t for student loans, only the rich would be able to attend private universities. End rant.

    Medical debt- there’s a biggie. First you have to consider the state of our healthcare system, and the problems with privatized insurance, and now the Obamacare fiasco. It shouldn’t be a factor, considering that the rest of the free and civilized world socialized medicine and doesn’t have to worry about it. End second rant.

    But I do agree – what a soothing voice!!!

    <3 dani

  2. AJ

    My story is similar to yours in that you get the college loan, you get the credit card, you deserve it. Yada yada. Well after 5 years of college, a newish vehicle loan and other credit cards I was over $80,000 in debt! That’s insane. $58,000 was from college loans alone. Shortly after getting married my husband and I went through Dave Ramsey’s FPU class and it was a game changer! We have paid off so much debt in the last 3 years and on top of that, we don’t stress or argue about money. Though we aren’t debt free yet, we are still plugging away and looking over the budget makes both of us so happy!

    I enjoyed listening to your piece on the radio and think you did a great job! Now if only he’d stop worrying about your FICO score. :)


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