Collective Savings Totals are In – We’ve Saved Over Two Million and a Half Dollars!

August Collective Savings |

It’s that time of the month where we get to see how all the hard work we’ve been doing with the Spending Fast and Spending Diets have been paying off! Today, I’ve got BIG news!  Are you ready for this?!  We have now saved OVER TWO MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS as a community!  SO AMAZING!

Are you ready for this?!

In April, we saved a whopping $115,714.96!

That brings our Collective Savings total to $2,529,850.39! Um. That’s amazing! OVER 2 1/2 million dollars paid off/saved because of doing Spending Fast/Spending Diet!??!  Seriously, I hardly have words for how impressed I am with all of you.

If you’ve been thinking about getting out of debt but just haven’t taken the leap yet why not do it today? Here’s the link to the Get Out of Debt Pledge. You can absolutely have a debt-free life too!

Also, be sure to log your savings/debt pay off amounts on the Collective Savings page so I can add in hard work and saving successes!

P.S. – If you’re on a Spending Fast or Spending Diet OR if you’re prepping up to do one, join us over on Facebook in the new closed Spending Fasters #spendingfasters  group if you haven’t done so already! This group is nothing short of amazing and supportive. It’s a super great place to GET and GIVE help around all things spending/saving/debt demolishing.


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