CNN Money!!!

cnn money debt-buster anna newell jones

I’m so happy to be featured on CNN Money! So! Awesome!

I’m an official DEBT BUSTER! Yay!


2 thoughts on “CNN Money!!!

  1. Haiku Ambulance


    You are amazing!

    Seriously. Not only should I have gone on a fast such as this ages ago, but you have pulled it off beautifully. Well, you've almost pulled it off. But what's two more months, right??! Congratulations on the CNN feature. That totally makes you famous now.

    I am so honored to see that you had posted about me. I blushed big time.

    And I'm not sure if you could tell by my roof, but I live in Denver, too! Hooray for Denver.

    And lastly, I am in love with your new-ish glasses. I'm sorry to hear that hurt your ears. That's a pain that you can feel in your brain, and that is never good. I hope the problem has since amended itself.

    Pleasure to meet you, Miss Anna Newell Jones.


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