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Anna Newell Jones on Clark Howard CNN

So! On Saturday and Sunday I was on the Clark Howard show which is on HLN and HLN is a CNN affiliate. The producers of the show were very sweet and it’s cool to see how they put all the pictures together with the story.

To see the clip click on the above image or click here.

In other news, the hub and I went to lunch with a friend over the weekend. That in and of itself is definitely NOT news. If I ever go out to eat I always try to stretch the meal into 2 meals. Eat half and take the rest home and then eating out and paying the price doesn’t sting as much. Plus, that’s a good technique for keeping the waistline in check too (so I hear…).

SO. On my everlasting quest to save money, spend less and maximize what I’ve got I did something I hadn’t done before. Now, it’s on the verge of tacky but well, okay, I’ll just come out and tell you. I asked our friend if I can have the food that was on a separate plate but was his and it was basically untouched. Basically. I mean, he only took one bite out of it. Then, I took it home and ate it later.

Kind of Totally Tacky, Frugal Warrior or Both? I’m thinking it falls into the BOTH category.

If it was a group of people or someone I think would be weirded out by it I don’t think I would have considered doing that but I didn’t even think twice about it. It was more like that is perfectly good food that is gonna get dumped right into the trash can and well, that’s a meal which means that’s money I don’t have to spend on a meal.

What are your thoughts? Over the line? Or completely epic?

I kid. I kid. Epic, rigghhht. Epic. Plus, that’s a funny word. I mean really, what is epic? The answer is: Oprah. Just Oprah. Not eating someones almost thrown away food. But, it did save me a couple of bucks. And that my friends, is what I’m after.

Buck save-age.


17 thoughts on “Clark Howard Clip

  1. AD

    I think that was too far. I am all for saving money but not at the sake of manners. Maybe its because I'm southern but I am not being rude or tacky – you are committed though, I'll give you that! Love your blog, keep posting, even if some actions are too far :)

  2. Melissa

    You do realize that this whole huge experiment is just one where you're living like most people live. Also, you obviously have money or else you wouldn't be taking vacations. It's all well and good to save money, but really, you can pay off the debt pretty easily so I don't see how it's that amazing or warrants a whole huge blog about it. You're just doing what most people in this country already have to do to survive.

  3. E.

    I've lurked here for months and just wanted to let you know I think you are awesome and I absolutely love your creative/quirky blog. Don't let the negative comments bother you. Please keep doin' what you're doin'. :)

  4. Katie

    Whatevs- that's what friends are for! If you can't do weird things around your friends then you probably don't want to be friends with them. I don't see anything wrong with it. :)

    Plus, throwing perfectly good food away is not a nice thing to do. Think of the starving children in Africa!

  5. Melissa

    The reason your blog comes across as completely entitled and making light of a situation which causes other people to LOSE THEIR HOMES is because you do things like blithely ask for GIFT CARDS. Why should anyone send you anything? Because you're living an upper middle class lifestyle but pretending to be poor? How about sending gift cards to people who actually need them to survive and not some girl who thinks that playing poor is some funny experiment. It's obvious that you have no concept of what it actually means to live without tons of financial gifts from everyone, or what being poor and in debt actually means other than some fun little jaunt into the world of "saving money" just because you can. Real poor people don't jet off to spain just because they can. People with massive cc debt can't just pay it off easily like you did. That's the irritating thing about your blog.

  6. Kellie

    Ah, what is that quote I am thinking of??? "Never hate your haters. Respect them because they are the ones who think you're better than they are." I can't remember who said that. But anyway, cheap shots at someone who is willingly putting herself out there and making something better of herself. She's learning to be money smart and cares enough about herself to get the most out of her dollars and if she's worked hard enough to pay off all this debt and wants a vacation – I fully believe she deserves it. For those who are critical – how brave are you NOT when she's the one who's put herself out there honestly and you're feeling all powerful and high and mighty to judge her.

    I'd like to thank you for the encouragement and the bravery as after seeing a video of what you've accomplished – I now am taking our finances into our own hands and trying to become debt free too! Keep up the wonderful posts!

  7. highheeledtraders

    I can relate to the emotion of food going to waste. Other than my children's food though, I am not keen to share with another person. HOWEVER, it is completely on the other side of the plate or some distance, it should be fine. You are friends. It would be better to split it though BEFORE eating, it's just more gracious.

  8. Melissa

    Kellie, your whole post makes no sense at all. It's not being a "hater" to point out the inconsistencies and greed associated with blatantly asking for giftcards, or the total disregard for what being poor and in REAL debt actually is when this person goes on an overseas vacation. A vacation that most poor people probably will never be able to afford in their whole entire lives. A millionaire can live normally and "get out of debt" by paying off their thousands of dollars in purchases. Should they be lauded because they're not spending thousands of dollars a night, but "only" hundreds on a dinner out? When a person barely even has to struggle to survive but wants all the credit and glory of "struggling", it's questionable to me. It's not judgment to ask honest questions, and also, I would like to point out that this is a public blog. Therefore she has left herself open to people such as myself who just are totally sick of people who are middle class pretending to be poor for some huge attention garnering pr move. So you paid off a debt in one year. That's really not all that amazing if you actually make a normal amount of money, have a spouse making that much money too and parents that help you out. It's called budgeting and there are many people out there who are good at it. It's annoying to those of us who have family who have actually been POOR. Like real going to be hungry every night work in the coal mines can't afford medical care poor in debt because they paid medical bills. For this person to give "advice" on how to get out of debt when they did so in such a totally blithe and glib manner is ridiculous.

  9. Anna Newell Jones

    Hi Melissa,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have gone hungry at night while working in the coal mines without insurance.

    You don't have to read along but this blog has helped a lot of people who have struggled with debt like me. It's hard to believe, I know, but it took 15 months to get out of debt and my husband's income didn't have anything to do with it. Also, I didn't ask for giftcards. I said that if someone wanted to give me a giftcard I'd let them… no one ever has so no need to fret. At the end of the day, I got myself out of debt and am trying to help others do the same so you are welcome to hate as much as you like.

    If you have advice on how to get out of debt I'd like to hear how you've done it and I'm sure others would like to too.

  10. nadds from California

    OMG..i can totally relate! just today i went out for chinese w/ my co-worker friend during our lunch hour and i had to stretch my 20 bucks to gas up my small car. i actually didn't want to go to lunch bcuz of my $20 budget for the week, but my friend was having a bad day so when she suggested chinese…i felt bad saying no. Soooo i gobbled up my left over rchicken lunch (the one i planned to eat) right before leaving to get chinese (of course i hid from my friend to gobble it all up) and at the chinese restaurant i ordered small order of steamed rice with broccoli…i had water and my bill was less than 2 bucks…phew i felt relievedi still had 18 bucks… my friend talked and talked and had but two forks full of chow mein. when the hour was about over, i asked the waiter for a doggy bag (are they still called this?) for her meal. After she dumped her unfinished chow mein she said…you know my stomach is in knots (bcuz of her bad day)..i wont be able to eat this…please take it home. i thought…YES! so again i can totally relate and now i have lunch for tomorrow!!

  11. nadds from California

    …oh and i almost forgot. Im a clark howard fan and i saw your story in his last episode. I have been paying down a $10,000 debt and have committed putting aside $500 every pay period by paying myself first. I get paid twice a month. believe me its been a challenge, but if i dont put the money towards this debt right when i receive my direct deposit payroll, i start spending it in other things. i have 4 growing kids (2 years to 12 years old) and its a challange and at times a little discouraging. i try to do non-spending activities with the kids so they don't feel deprived, but i dont think they do :). I use coupons for household items (detergent, toothpaste, etc) and plan my car trips around my commute to and from work to avoid driving unnecessarily and wasting gas. thank you for sharing your ongoing experiences. i will be tuning in from now on :)

  12. clint

    While I haven't done it myself (yet) I have no problem with someone taking home perfectly good food from the plate of a perfectly good friend. And sorry to see some of these nasty comments. Hope you enjoyed your deserved vacation.

  13. Tasmanian Minimalist

    This blog has done more for me than many other things could ever have done. Each of us is in our own individual place, some more/ less fortunate than others. We can all learn from each other. Anna has kept me strong, with her honest, non preachy and friendly attitude. Go girl, you are a refreshing wordsmith, your integrity shines. Never once have I felt you to do or be anything other than yourself. We all choose our own path in life. Xxxxx

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