Chelsea Chelsea

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang book cover

We were driving by the Denver Performing Arts Complex and a certain brassy blonde ladies face caught my eye. It was none other than my favorite loud mouth Chelsea Handler’s face on a billboard. Turns out she’s coming to town (!) to promote her new book (Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang) and to do a comedy show.

When I saw that huge sign my heart skipped a beat then it cried. Let me correct that. My heart didn’t cry it started to weep. Yes. It weeped salty red bloody tears of pain. Because I remembered all too quick about the ol’ Spending Fast and knew I wouldn’t be going see her. I pouted. Then I pouted some more. And. Some more.

Then I looked up ticket prices to see how much I would really be saving. My mind starting racing trying to find some loop-hole so I could go. Maybe there was some contest I could win to get in free? Or maybe I could answer some trivia? Maybe I could even write her a fan letter professing my love for her garish sense of humor that gets me in all the right places and has me giggling in glee (because surely no one has ever tried that before).

Turns out the cheapest tickets are $45 bucks. A price I would’ve happily paid to see my favorite funny person. Though upon my purchase I would’ve said something like “Oh, I never treat myself” Or, “I’ll really enjoy this even though it’s a little expensive”. Which of course would totally justify it.

So, a sad $45 bucks will go unspent and my dramatic heart will continue to weep and until I think up a master plan of how to get in for free the aching for Chelsea will continue everytime I see those signs as they mock me reveling in my pouty pain.

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