How to Visit New York City Like a Total Cheapskate – Massive Guide!

new york city cheapskate guide

New York City, the self-proclaimed and mostly true, greatest city in the world. Broadway, Fifth Avenue, iconic buildings, world-class museums, amazing bars and restaurants, six professional sports teams that play within the city limits, diverse residents, you really can have it all in New York, if you can afford it. Unfortunately, the Big Apple also carries the title of most expensive city in the United States. Luckily, if you know where to look and can stand in some long lines, you can really handle this city for cheap(ish).

Basic Rules to Visiting New York City Like a Total Cheapskate…

  • Don’t waste your time trying to drive. New York is the most walkable city in the United States with an incredibly extensive and relatively affordable public transit system. Avoid the cabs, pedicabs and horse-drawn carriages if you’re looking to save.
  • Citi Bikes are a new, more affordable way to see New York. Just make sure you have health insurance before pulling out in front of a taxi.
  • If you’re going to head into Times Square get in and get out quickly. If someone is in a costume you have to pay to take your picture with them. If people are offering free comedy show tickets, they have a two drink minimum, except, The Late Show with David Letterman tickets. Those are actually 100%, no strings attached, free.
  • Carry your student or military ID with you everywhere. A lot of museums, sporting events and shows offer discounts to college students or military personnel.
  • 99 cent pizza really isn’t terrible.
  • Food trucks are, normally, quite expensive. Don’t think of them as an easy, cheap meal.
  • You can use the app ScoutMob in NYC and it’s pretty useful for securing restaurant deals.
  • Restaurants are required to display their health sanitation rating on the outside of their storefront. A is the highest, B is next on the list and the orange C probably means a rat had babies on your food before it came to the table. Street carts don’t have to display any sort of health sanitation rating. Not saying to avoid them, just saying to keep that in mind.
  • If you want a stunning skyline view skip the Empire State building and head to a rooftop bar in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Even if you buy a swanky drink, it will be a fourth of the price it would cost to have a Sleepless in Seattle moment atop the Empire State Building. Points if you befriend someone with rooftop access in their apartment building.

new york city cheapskate guide WHERE TO STAY IN NEW YORK CITY FOR CHEAP

Air BnB often offers the best options for cheap stay in NYC. Even though an apartment dweller might jack their price up, they’ll still be trying to undercut the hotels to make it enticing for you. You can rent an entire apartment or just a room from someone. Even if you’re staying in an apartment charging $300 a night, you can split with a few friends for an incredibly affordable stay. Hostels and Cheap Hotels – NYC is home to many hostels for the backpacking spirit in us all. If you’re open to staying in an outer-borough or bunking with some roommates then do some internet digging for the highest rated and cheapest hostels. Be sure to check Yelp and Google the hostel’s name with the search term bed bugs. You won’t have to have a run in with those nasty critters.

Insider tip: If you’re an exercise fiend, but staying in a place without a gym you can snag some free exercise classes via Shape Up NYC (Zumba, Yoga, Bootcamp, Kickboxing etc).   new york city cheapskate guide


new york city cheapskate guide CHEAP EATS IN NEW YORK CITY

  • Take advantage of happy hours at local bars or deals on food, like the Crocodile Lounge on 14th Street offers a $1 personal pizza for each beer you purchase (it used to be free…). Artichoke Pizza is right across the street for the pizza connoisseur.
  • Explore the appropriate borough/neighborhood for the food you’re looking for. Craving Chinese? Then head to Flushing, Queens. Want authentic Greek food? Hit up Astoria. Looking for a real egg cream? Better go to Brooklyn. Hoping for some Chicken & Waffles? Harlem has a host of great options.
  • Bakeries tend to slash their prices as the clock ticks towards closing time, so always try asking if they offer a deal on the fare they’re about to throw out anyway.
  • Volunteer at food festivals to score free admission
  • Download and use ScoutMob to secure deals on restaurants near you

new york city cheapskate guide FREE HOLIDAY EVENTS IN NEW YORK CITY

new york city cheapskate guide


Suggested Donations: Because many museums use New York State/City taxes to help fund them, they offer “suggested donations” instead of a required ticket price. Some of them are a bit sneaky about it though, so be sure to recognize when you don’t actually have to pay $14 for a ticket. Here are a few museums that offer suggested donations or a pay as you wish time period.

A few establishments are kind enough to offer free hours because they don’t have suggested donations. Free Hours:


A few of my favorite New York City money-saving tricks:

  • Embrace outer-borough life if you want cheaper rent and a bigger space.
  • If you ride the rails regularly then fork over the $112 for a monthly unlimited pass and be sure to save your card so you can refill without paying the $1 card fee
  • Cut the AC and just use a fan to avoid hiked ConEd bills during the summer.
  • Switch to RCN for cheaper cable, assuming Time Warner doesn’t have a monopoly on your building, or cut the cord entirely and invest in a Roku Player.
  • Pick a neighborhood and just go get lost walking around and exploring New York.
  • If you’re comfortable renting out your apartment then offer it up on Air BnB when you’re out of town then you can probably make a decent dent in the amount you need for rent in just a few days.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy New York City without spending a lot of money?

This post is written by Erin, founder of Broke Milennial

P.S. I LOVE Airbnb because it lets me feel like a local while also helping me save money on food costs (since I can use the kitchen!) CLICK HERE to get $55 for you to use on your 1st trip!


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  1. April

    Just went to NYC in August and saved a bunch…
    Rode the Bolt bus for $30 roundtrip from Baltimore. That’s cheaper than gas and tolls one way if I drive myself! Bolt Bus and Mega Bus leave from many East Coast cities and have great deals.

    Stayed at Pod 51. It’s a cool, inexpensive hotel, if you are willing to share a bathroom. Clean with trendy, fun decor.

    I had signed up for Living Social NYC about a year ago. They give lots of deals on hotels, restaurants and even Broadway shows. I got orchestra seats for the Broadway show First Date (SO GOOD!) at half the price. And one of the sponsors of the show (check the show’s website) was a car service. I got a free ride to the show just by using a coupon code.
    Love NYC!

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  3. Melinda's Musings

    I live in NYC and have to admit, I looked at this guide to see if there were any tips I could add to it…but you’ve got it really well covered. What a great list for anyone visiting this amazing city!

  4. Lisa E.

    Awesome guide! If I’m not mistaken, I heard that Air BnB was deemed illegal in NYC. I’m hoping it got overturned or something, because Air BnB is awesome!

  5. Claire @ Nifty NYC

    Just stumbled across your site, and I’m so glad I did! You have some really fantastic advice. Just added you to my feed reader! ;)

    Here are two more tips from a local:

    – During warmer months, the Met’s rooftop is one of the best places to take in the skyline. Pay what you wish for museum entrance, then take the elevator up to the top floor to enjoy a notable art installation and breathtaking views. You can even grab cocktails there, and they’ll be cheaper than ones you’ll find at a rooftop lounge.

    – Day or night, walking the Brooklyn Bridge is my favorite free NYC experience. After you walk across it from Manhattan to Brooklyn, head to the waterfront park area north of the bridge for some more sweet views and a $2 ride on a vintage carousel.

    Every single day, I list free and cheap things to do on my blog, Nifty NYC. It’s written for locals, but there are museum events, open bar parties, Broadway deals and a lot more that visitors would be interested in as well.

    Thanks for putting together such a great resource!


  6. NC

    NYC is overrated, overcrowded and expensive. Even if you live in the outer boroughs its still expensive and commuting is a nightmare. Its not all it’s cracked up to be, its okay I am a New Yorker saying this.

  7. Sharon Moore

    Another way of seeing the Empire State Building is to take the Staten Island Ferry — it was free the last time I took it a year ago. Also, it’s a nice 20 minute boat ride where you can get views of the Lower NYC harbor — especially beautiful at night with all the lights on the bridges and skyscrapers.

  8. Thrifty Writer

    Use Groupon, Living Social or Gilt City for eating out. Had some great food at deeply discounted prices, thanks to them.
    If your favorite shoes or boots are getting ground down (which often happens in a city where walking is king), take them to the shoe repair place and have them re-soled. The guy I go to in Astoria is an older cobbler who makes sure he does right by you (i.e., doesn’t make you spend unnecessarily) and can make soles look like new.
    A great cheap date night is combining happy hour menus with free museum nights. The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, for example, has free nights on Fridays. You can first stop across the street at Five Napkin Burger, order $1 sliders and 50 cent wings off of their happy hour menu and then walk around the museum for free (it’s a great museum – esp. the sound mixing demo!)
    Parks are great and free (and there are more parks than just Central Park). Grab some bread, cheese, hummus, guac and go have a picnic!
    Farmer’s Markets can be cheap depending on what time you go (you can sometimes score good deals towards the end).


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