Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

cheap honeymoon ideas

It’s getting chilly out so not as many weddings are happening; this is the time of year where all the weddings are getting planned!

While it’s not a good idea to scrimp costs on things like a wedding photographer (besides being a little biased;), the wedding photographs are one of the only tangible items you get to take from your wedding day) there are plenty of places where you can save money on your wedding expenses. One of the areas that’s perfect for money-saving is on your honeymoon! The good news is if you are adventurous and put in some research effort, you can get away from it all. You can plan a honeymoon that is out of the box but still something you and your new spouse will cherish.

Here are 9 budget-friendly ideas to consider before ruling out a honeymoon altogether…

1. Stay Home Alone

The point of a honeymoon is to spend some downtime with your beloved after all the hustle and bustle of the wedding is finally done. It really shouldn’t matter where you spend your honeymoon and staying close to home may be the idea choice. Call it a ‘staycation’ or perhaps a ‘homeymoon’ and enjoy disconnecting from the rest of the world as if you were on a deserted island. No phones, computers, or stress should be allowed. Spend days checking out local attractions and quiet evenings dancing and romancing.

2. Time Share Tradeoffs

If you have friends or relatives that have timeshares or own their own vacation home, see if they would be willing to gift you some time there as a wedding present. If that is an uncomfortable conversation, offer to pay something towards a rental fee which can be significantly cheaper than a commercial rental space.

3. Get Outdoorsy

If you are a couple that likes adventure, consider a week-long campout at the local state park. You are likely to get lots of privacy and peace. Find a park that offers other activities you enjoy like boating, hiking, or other nature-friendly fun on the cheap.

4. Upgrade Locally

If you are not the tent-sleeping type of couple, consider reserving a room at an exclusive hotel in the local area. It will still cost you for the reservations but you’ll save on the high cost of airline tickets and other travel expenses since you are staying local. Also, be sure to ask about AAA or government discounts. Aaron and I got a discount on our wedding night hotel room because I worked for the state at the time. That was a nice unexpected discount!

5. Mixed Up Road Trip

Pack the car and head out to several locations you’d like to visit that can be done in a week’s time. Plan for stopping locations on the way to one destination to see the sights and plan a different route for the way home. You can save money by booking rooms at B & B’s, motels, or campgrounds along the way. The time spent together seeing and learning new things together can be a great break from reality.

6. Retreat Yourself

If you and your spouse have a common hobby or passion research places that offer retreats for a weekend or longer. There are retreats for a number of interests. A retreat will allow you as a couple to spend quality time together while doing something you love. See what is closest to home so you don’t have to spend money on flights.

7. Spend Time Volunteering

If you and your spouse are the volunteer type, check out the many opportunities where you can get away from home together but can give your time to help others. There may be some organizations or volunteer opportunities that are available where your travel costs are covered in exchange for your time, assistance, and skill sets. It’s a great way to give back to others while spending quality time with your new husband or wife.

8. Go Off Season

Even if you can’t afford a traditional honeymoon immediately after your wedding day, doesn’t mean you don’t get to have one. If you have a location in mind, consider the cost differences for going in the off-season. Use some of your wedding cash to start a savings account to pay for an off-season trip so the cost isn’t a burden.

9. Make It a First

If you need some additional time to save up for a honeymoon, target your first year anniversary as the trip date. This gives you a whole year to find a place you want to go and save up the cash you need without blowing out your budget. Speak with a travel agent about a vacation payment plan to get you started so you’ll know exactly how much to save up.


Do you have any fun, inexpensive Honeymoon ideas? I’d love to hear them… 

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  1. Lucie

    Live it simply! I just came back from a Honeymoon in Paris. We were spoiled by friends a few times at extravagant restaurants, but the most fun was munching on baguettes with tapenade and drinking wine outside curled up in a blanket together! The most romantic times are often the less fussy!

  2. Abigail

    I opened up an airlines credit card and had my mom do the same. That covered our airfare. We didn’t go anywhere particularly expensive because we’re not the most traditionally romantic. Plus most of those places are beaches, and my husband has severe eczema (read: open skin all over).

    So we decided to go to Orlando and hit theme parks. Nothing like a roller coaster to decompress after a wedding.

    You can get all sorts of deals and discounted tickets online for the various parks. We lucked out by having a friend who worked for Holiday Inn, so our rooms were cheap. But there are some very reasonable rates otherwise.

    In the end, we spent too much on souvenirs, so I can’t say it was a completely frugal trip — though five years later we still have almost all of it. But there’s plenty o’ cheap eats in the areas we stayed at. When you’re at the park all day, you are at the mercy of overpriced food, but there are all-day passes that help cut the cost down there.

    It was a great honeymoon. We had lots of fun — once we figured out how to stop getting sunstroke. Here’s a frugal tip: If you puke on yourself on a Disney ride, they’ll give you a voucher for a free t-shirt. Okay, it’s gross and was entirely unintentional, but they wanted to keep us at the park spending money. And my husband still loves his Yoda shirt.

  3. La Tejana

    Great ideas! I have several friends planning weddings right now and they are saving TONS of money either taking their honeymoon off season or waiting to take a mid-year anniversary trip during off season!

  4. Michelle

    We went somewhat off-season to Paris for our honeymoon. We stayed in a rented apartment via airbnb and ate super local. We would have spent more money staying in the US than we did on our honeymoon!

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  7. Ali

    We’re planning on going off-seasonish to Whistler, BC. We don’t even like to ski, but we really like mountains & hot cocoa. We can take the train there from where we are (Seattle) so our splurge will be staying at a super nice hotel with heated pools & hot tubs.


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