PARTY DOWN! Have Fun Beach/Pool Days All Summer Long

Cheap Beach Day Under $100Summer is coming! Here in LA, the beach is a year-round option, but it’s gotten so hot lately that option has become requirement. Here’s a little round-up for a cheap beach day with some cute new things.

How to Have Fun Beach/Pool Days on the Cheap All Summer Long…

Most US beaches are free, but you may have to pay for parking, so try to carpool with friends to split the cost. Wear some cheap sunnies with full UV protection in a classic shape, even if it’s overcast. And I loved this idea from J.Crew for chopping a $5 straw hat from the drugstore into a cooler shape. Rock a Turkish pestemal as a sarong, and then use it later as a beach towel. They are so pretty and inexpensive, and seem so luxurious. Simple sandals complete the outfit. Make sure your SPF is broad spectrum, so you’re protected from all the sun’s rays. Grab a good beach read from your library if you don’t feel like swimming, and pack it in this adorable DIY tote bag. (Molly used a $17 cotton tote, but you can easily find canvas ones for just a few bucks).

Cute Swimsuits Under $50If you’re anything like me, you still have the Old Navy swimsuit you got in high school, and it’s time for an update. Here are some worthy options for cute swimsuits under $50.

1. H&M (top, $15/bottom, $10) // 2. TOPSHOP, $24 // 3. J.CREW (top, $9/bottom, $20) // 4. TARGET, $40 // 5. TOPSHOP, $30 // 6. ZARA (top, $20/bottom, $20) // 7. DOROTHY PERKINS, $45 // 8. ZARA (top, $20/bottom, $20) // 9. DOROTHY PERKINS (top, $21/bottom, $15) // 10. RIVER ISLAND, $50 // 11. RIVER ISLAND (top, $30/bottom, $20) // 12. DOROTHY PERKINS (top, $25/bottom, $15)


What are your favorite free beaches? Any good beach reading recommendations?

Lauren Johnson is a filmmaker/producer living in West Hollywood who enjoys a great foreign thriller, leisure beers, and non-primary colors.  Lauren also writes the blog LOCONCEPTS.


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