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changes are coming to

Turns out I like to be busy! In addition to writing a book, getting ready for its launch, building a tiny house on a TV show and getting ready for a whole bunch of promos and talks to accompany all of that, I’ve ALSO been working with the super-talented Kyla Roma of Kyla Roma Creative to launch a brand-new design for And Then We Saved!

I’ve decided that after publishing over 900 blog posts here I’m going to switch up the format of my blog and make it more of a website. To say I’ve been thinking about this change a lot would be an understatement. I wanted to make sure it’s the right thing to do for not only me but for the readers of And Then We Saved, because really, what it comes down to is if I’m not serving you, the reader, what’s the freaking point? You know?

The format of And Then We Saved is going to switch so that the blog will become a component within the website rather than having the blog be THE MAIN FOCUS of everything. With a blog, new content constantly needs to be added for it to remain relevant. With blogs, there is no finish line. It’s seriously a marathon. Then, 6 years later you’re all, wait, how’d this happen?! It’s awesome and fun but at some point you have to ask yourself, is this still working for me and the readers? Are we all still getting what we want and need out of this? Is this working for me? What do I really love doing and how do I want to spend the hours of my life? Then, you evaluate and make changes as needed. So, that’s what I’m doing and it’s going to be more beneficial and effective for everyone!

After all that thinking, obsessing, analyzing (#Virgo), and, really, soul-searching, I’ve decided that what I really love doing is helping people get out of debt. I realized that the absolute best way for me to help people get out of debt is to focus on the education side of things! Here’s the thing, I loved writing my book, I loved creating the Fearless Minimalism guide, and I love connecting with real-life Spending Fasters/Dieters in the closed Facebook group so I’m like, duh, do that!

That’s not to say that I’m not going to be blogging anymore because that’s not the case. What’s going to happen is there is going to be a more defined purpose to And Then We Saved now. Now, if you want to kick start your Spending Fast and have step-by-step guidance through that, you’ll have a clearly defined path to follow. If your goal is to clear out the clutter and start focusing on what truly matters to you in your life, you’ll have a clear path for that, too.

Going forward we’ll be posting to the blog 3 times a week: Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. We’ll have real-life Spending Fasters writing updates about their journeys through their debt, we’ll have tiny home tours posts (because I LOVE tiny houses, simple living, and minimalism), and we’ll still be posting Motivational posts to keep you pumped up and inspired.

I’m SUPER, super excited about the design and the changes that are in the works and I think you’re going to love it all too! You can expect to see the new design/format very soon so keep coming back so you can see the big reveal!

Thanks for always being so awesome! xo, Anna


p.s. I’ve also been working on a Spending Fast Bootcamp and let me tell you, it’s the kick-in-pants type of program so many people have been asking for, and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you! It’s big on tough-love and mega results!


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  1. Katie

    Hey Anna,
    The site looks awesome, but I’m having trouble seeing the yellow hyperlinks against the white background. I tried to highlight the text so I could read it, but the highlight is yellow and the text turns white which is even harder for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is my eyesight worse than I thought? Congrats on all the exciting things happening this month!!!

  2. Faith Dossett

    Love your blog! One comment though: It is VERY hard for me to read the words in yellow print. I have to click on the yellow to find out what it said. I realize that not everyone has this problem, but it is a big one for me.


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