Change Your Life – Take The Spending Fast ® Challenge!

“It’s always darkest before dawn.” – Thomas Fuller

While I love holidays because there isn’t a shortage of sweets, the city glows with lights and everyone is just the tiniest bit nicer I also start to feel kind of grossed out by all the things and all the stuff. There is no question that our society is consumed with consuming, and this trait only gets magnified during this time of year.

If you’ve ever thought about doing the Spending Fast I would like to invite you to take the:

2012 Get Out Of Debt – Spending Fast Challenge!

(take the challenge here)

I started the Spending Fast in January of 2010 and was able to completely eliminate my debt in a matter of 15 months. (insane!)

There will be some hard times and tough/shitty moments but the result will be a life free from debt. A short list of the Spending Fast benefits:

● A change in habits

● A new outlook on money and spending

● Time – because thinking about future purchases, actually buying the things, and maintaining STUFF takes up a lot of time

A re-alignment of priorities – people #1, not things

Empowerment – because you’re taking matters into your own hands! You can really do it!

Make a commitment to change your life. Give yourself the best gift possible.

What have you got to lose besides debt and the cycle of over-spending and remorse?

Make 2012 the year that you change your life!


P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


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  1. Maryl

    Got to savor this moment: Yesterday I wrote the check on my HELOC that pays it down to zero. I took on a work assignment that involved a lot of hours and a lot of BS that I could do without, but there's my reward. Now I have to re-introduce myself to the kitchen. A lot of eating out/takeout lately. Need to get some cookbooks from the library and get some new ideas.

  2. Meghan

    This was my first Christmas that wasn't full of consumerism. Now I still bought for Mom, Dad, and bro but that was it. None of it ended up in front of the tree and I decided that the tree still looked fine. Last night we went to the 8PM Christmas service, then we went by a bar (that was a little $ so I'm not perfect).

    Today we went to a friend's house and had Chinese for dinner. I didn't expect to open anything and was totally happy with that. But naturally, my friends got me gifts. I got a decorated martini glass and a little electronic thing. Totally sweet, but nothing I'd get myself. These days it's all about fewer nicer things and not all the junk!!! I watched them exchange gifts (married friends) and it just reaffirmed that gift swapping just isn't all that when it's between adults. They were like "Honey, why did you get me this. Costco had a better version for the same price." I mean, have we gotten so caught up in buying crap that we can't even appreciate a gift?

    I get excited now to purge, not get stuff. Mom bought me a new beautiful camel wool coat and so I took four coats to the second hand shops. My roommates are going shopping tomorrow, even though no one really needs anything. Nah, not for me… Part of the spending diet for me is learning to let go of the "buy buy buy" mentality.

    Anna, thanks so much for your encouragement this year. While I still feel money slip through my fingers from time to time (think bars and Chinese food), I know I have made a huge attitude adjustment this year. 2012 will be even better!

  3. Anna Newell Jones

    2012 is going to be amazing! Building a life of experiences rather than a house full of crap is where it's at.


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