January’s Collective Savings Totals are In!

June Collective Savings | AndThenWeSaved.com

It’s that time of the month where we get to see how all the hard work we’ve been doing with the Spending Fast and Spending Diets have been paying off! Are you ready for this?! In January, we saved a whopping $101,238.10! That brings our Collective Savings total to $2,139,211.56!  You guys started the new year off like WHOA!  Over TWO…


Sarah’s Spending Fast Update: A New Round

Hey guys! How are things? I’m doing pretty good. I’m starting to really feel like my goals are obtainable, instead of some far-off, “I wish I may, I wish I might” dream. And why do I feel like I can reach them? Because I paid off my car this week! That’s right. I’m done making car payments. God, that feels…


Change is the End Result of All True Learning

Change is the end result of all true learning

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” -Leo Buscaglia Learning to handle our money and learning to live with less means nothing if we don’t implement some kind of change. Making a true and meaningful change can be the hardest part. It’s also the most important part. How are you implementing what you’ve learned to make a true…


Courage to Continue

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill Courage is what gets you through the hard times. Courage tells you, “It’s OK, start again,” after that impulse purchase. Courage tells you to keep going even after that unexpected expense. Courage to continue is what counts. How are you gathering up…


Why My Partner and I Chose to Live in 230 Square Feet

After only five months of dating, my partner and I decided it made sense for her to move in with me. As if the intensity and fast pace of the relationship wasn’t enough, we decided to move into my 230-square-foot apartment, which already seemed too small for me. Even after breaking her lease, we still would save money as a…


Sarah’s Spending Fast Update: Getting Back in the Fight

Hey, guys! What’s going on? When we last spoke, I told you how I felt like I got hit hard. I said it was like a punch to the face but maybe a “knee to the groin” is a more accurate description. Regardless, I’m still here. While knocked out and waiting for the referee to count me out, I realized…


I’ve Got a New Side Gig!

how to make more money

Did you know that most millionaires have 7 income streams?! Knowing this info I decided to get waaaay out of my comfort zone a little over a month ago. I did something I never, ever in a million years thought I’d do! I started a side business with (of all things?!) lipstick! I’ve got a new found confidence in myself…


6 Useful Travel Hacks for Budget-Conscious Travelers

Traveling for a few years now has changed, not just my perspective on life, but also my spending habits. It has taught me that to sustain such a lifestyle, I must spend every penny wisely. Traveling also has made me realize the importance of hunting for affordable flights, accommodations and food. Being a budget traveler is great because it compels…


Collective Savings Totals are In – We’ve Saved Over 2 Million Dollars!

It’s that time of the month where we get to see how all the hard work we’ve been doing with the Spending Fast and Spending Diets have been paying off! Today, I’ve got BIG news!  Are you ready for this?!  We have now saved OVER TWO MILLION as a community!  My.mind.is.blown.  SO AMAZING! Are you ready for this?! In December,…

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7 of the Best Superfoods That Won’t Break the Bank

As someone who has been blessed with a fast metabolism, I didn’t pay too much attention to my diet in the past. However, my love of cycling hundreds of miles per week means I have learned the hard way about the importance of a strong and – shock! horror! – well-rounded diet. I’ve had problems with hypoglycemia, anemia and iron…


Tomorrow is Ours

Tomorrow is Ours | And Then We Saved

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” -Lyndon B. Johnson Be done with yesterday. Don’t think about it anymore! What’s more exciting is that you have tomorrow to make new choices. You have a new day to pay off debt, save money and get your life on track. What a gift! Don’t squander…