5 Purchases You Didn’t Know About That Will Save You Money Long Term

5 Purchases That Will Actually Save You Money in the Long Run

Two of the biggest enemies of saving money are routine and CONVENIENCE. Whether you’re caught in a cycle of spending, or avoiding it altogether, the consequences can mean piled up expenses. If you refuse to buy a quality product because of the expense, you may wind up making too many smaller purchases. Disposable products are also to blame for a…


What Not to Wear Worst-Dressed Couple in America

What Not to Wear Worst Dressed Couple in America

Psst… here’s a little known fact you might not know about me! A million years ago (2005) when I was a mere youngin’ I appeared on the show, What Not to Wear in a competition to see who was worst dressed.  Yep. True story. My twin sister, Kelly, nominated us (me and my then boyfriend, Ben) as The Worst Dressed…


The Cheapest Days of the Week to do EVERYTHING!

The Cheapest Days of the Week to do EVERYTHING!

Whatever you’re shopping for, there is a time and a place to buy it. We all have our places that have the best reputation for low prices and better values; but what about the times? WHEN you buy certain things has a big impact on how much you pay for them. This is particularly true when it comes to the…


6 Ways to Save Your Budget by Lowering Food Waste

Six Ways to Save Your Budget by Lowering Food Waste

One bill that is always a challenge to tackle is the grocery bill. Food makes up a big part of all of our budgets. Switching to cooking at home, we rely on grocery costs to reduce our spending on daily meals. Once we do that and still need to free up some money to pay bills, we need to get…


8 Essential Products You Can Get On Amazon for Under $5

8 Essential Products You Can Get On Amazon for Under $5

Household Essentials to Buy on Amazon Sometimes it becomes a necessity to buy certain items. Whether you need to keep things up around the house or maintain your professional appearance, tiny expenses always find their way into your monthly bills; whether you budget for them or not. SO, I have come across some useful essential items that are under $5…

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How to Save Money on Your Facial Hair Situation

How To Grow A Beard or Shave - and Save Money

Note from Anna: This is a post by my husband Aaron I know How to Grow a Beard… may seem like an out of place topic. andthenwesaved.com is predominately geared towards women, but I’d like to remind all the guys out there that the “we” in andthenwesaved isn’t only the collective “we”, it also includes me and I’m a dude,…


And Then We Saved Blogging Hiatus Ending We’re Back

And Then We Saved Blogging Hiatus Has Ended We're Back

It’s been just over a year now since I went on a blogging hiatus. During the blogging break our community has been continuing to grow and thrive! And personally, I’ve been able to focus on a few other interests like: Traveling more than ever before Launching and relaunching the Spending Fast Bootcamp Growing our supportive, kind and encouraging Spending Fasters…


How to Find the Perfect Side Gig

Ahhhh WHOOOA! This is some EXCITING news!!! You are gonna want to hear this! Raise your hand if you could use an extra money each month. Who couldn’t, amiright?! When I was making 33k as a clerk for the state and was desperate to get out from under my oppressive debt. I KNEW I had to do something to increase…


My Interview on The List TV

    Earlier this month, I got to do a Skype interview with the producers of The List TV.  We talked about three ways to save money and pay off debt.  Of course, one way is by doing a Spending Fast.  Another thing we talked about is how important it is to have a support system while on your debt…


The List TV!

the list tv show spending fast

Today, February 12th I’ll be on The List TV show! Be sure to check it out! You can find out when it will air for you by going to thelisttv.com Thanks for your continued support and for sharing in the excitement with me! xo Anna


Good Morning America!

The other week, a film crew from Good Morning America came to my home to interview me for a segment on their show. I talked all about my book and the Spending Fast.  I also talked about our amazing Spending Faster community. It’s all been pretty exciting!  And it was so wild to see how they edited everything together! Did…


Happiness Is A Choice

Happiness is a choice | Andthenwesaved.com

“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in your life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.” -Valerie Bertinelli Sometimes I get unnecessarily stressed about small things. Things that seem important, like paying my bills or what I’m going to eat for dinner. I often need to…