Laundry Detergent Hack – How to Get Out Every Last Drop

Laundry Detergent Hack How to Get Out Every Last Drop

When I’m not making my own detergent I use the traditional kind. My favorite is Persil (it’s literally the best smelling detergent I’ve ever tried! This isn’t sponsored. I literally just love it that much.) However, as lovely as it smells, there’s ONE HUGE PROBLEM! You see, I can’t get all the detergent out of the bottle! And, let me…


The Anatomy of a Great, Cheap Date

The Anatomy of a Great Cheap Date

CLICK HERE to get 110 Cheap Date Ideas emailed right to you! For a relationship to stay alive and interesting the experts recommend that we “keep things interesting and fun” by going on dates at least semi-often. We often picture an ideal date as one coupled with fancy dinners featuring fine wine and heartwarming serenades. As amazing as such dates…


The No Buy Challenge Expectation Vs. Reality

no buy challenge

Grit like resolve. Determination. Desperation. Perseverance. Accountability. These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of people who take on a No Buy Challenge, such as the Spending Fast. Before we get too far, let’s cover the basics. No Buy Challenge AKA’s No Buy Challenges/Spending Fasts have a lot of AKA’s. Here are some hashtags…


Pump and Dump Podcast: Spending Fasts + The Ringer: No Spend Challenges

Pump and Dump Podcast: Moms and Money Spending Fast and Spending Fasts

Click HERE to listen to the podcast episode: Pump and Dump Podcast with Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee. Moms and Money: Spending Fast and Spending Fasts! Click HERE to read the article: The Ringer, No-Spend Challenges and the Promise of Decluttering Your Life


Simple Steps to Cut Your Food Budget by 50%

You can save a lot of money every month just by eating at home more often. When you meal prep and have your dinners at home you free up your budget for other important things. There is so much freedom with eating at home and making your own simple, uncomplicated, but tasty meals, that you can save even more with…


How to Get Back on Track with Managing Your Money

Managing Money

It happens to all of us. You’re making positive strides, saving up, paying balances, and everything is going full steam ahead. Suddenly you drop the ball. Maybe there’s an overdraft on your checking account, or you loosen your grip financially and don’t know how to get it back. Managing your money can’t work on momentum alone. It’s something you have…


Meal Planning 101 for Beginners

meal plan

Inventory The first step to coming up with any meal plan is to assess what you’ve got. This can be a quick pantry check, or it could result in cleaning out your whole refrigerator. It just depends on how long it’s been since you’ve planned or made a meal at home. Making sure you’re organized and that food is easy…


5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Money

money management

Believe you me, I KNOW that “Money Management” can sometimes feel like something outside of your grasp. If you’re doling out your paycheck to creditors every month and making minimum payments just to keep the cycle going; there’s NO DOUBT that things can get majorly discouraging. However, I’d like to encourage you to not let that any feelings of helplessness…


10 Best Ways to Save Money with Costco Memberships

money saving Costco tips

When I asked you all about your money saving tips for Amazon a few weeks ago your response was overwhelming! (Thank you again!! I learned quite a bit too!) I also asked you to share some of your best money saving tips for Costco with me on my personal Facebook profile, on my Instagram profile, in the Spending Fasters group,…

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38 Secret Ways to Save Money on Amazon

secret ways to save on amazon

We all know Amazon is amazing. That’s no secret! Amazon gives us access to all sorts of things that we might not have locally, it allows us to get the most random things delivered right to our doors without stepping foot outside. It’s because of all this ease and convenience that I hear about Amazon being a “problem area” for…


Over 195 Proven Side Gigs – The MASTER LIST

side gigs master list

We all know that part of getting out of debt is to make more money. The most tried and true method is through side gigs. BUTTTT… I’ll bet I know what you’re probably thinking right about now…  “I don’t have any time” “I don’t have the skills” “What would I even do?”  “Whenwould I even do it?” Well, my friend, I’ve…


All the BEST Things to Do in Denver! (By a Local!)

all the best things to do in denver

**Note from Anna: The above mini paintings are so cool! You can get them for yourself through Kirsten’s Instagram: @artbykirsteneva And, get your bearings on all the neighborhoods I’ll be talking about with Kirsten Eva’s Denver Neighborhoods poster. Now… let’s talk about Denver! I’ve lived in Denver AKA The Mile High City for 21 years! It’s been a little bit…