47+ Things to Get on Amazon that Will Help You Save Money

money saving amazon products

The things you need to save money in the long-run Top 15 Money-Saving Amazon Products Shopping is such a double-edged sword, because there are things we need, and things we think we need. When we buy new products we always have to consider cost, and how much we really need an item. There are terrific products out there, but when…


Free and Low-Cost Self-Care Ideas

free and low cost self care ideas

How to Take Care of Yourself Without Spending Money Self-care is a BIG-time buzz-word these days! Everyone is talking about it but sometimes “self-care” ends up meaning you’re shelling out the bucks for taking care of yourself. And, if spending money is a problem for you then doing “self-care” can mean an easy excuse and justification to spend money you…



Debt Free Roadmap

How to get out of debt fast I am SO BEYOND thrilled to have this BRAND NEW, 100% FREE!, Roadmap to Debt Freedom available for you! When you CLICK HERE to get the Debt Free ROADMAP, INSTANT DOWNLOAD, you’ll then get the option to watch the (also totally free!) Broke to Badass Masterclass! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT…


6 Shocking Ways Social Media Can Be Used To Save Money

6 shocking ways social media can be used to save money

And the never-ending debate continues… what’s the best platform for saving money, websites (like this one) or social media? While both have unique advantages, there are certain situations that may compel you to choose one over the other. It all boils down to how much you want to save and what your preferred online platforms are. Turns out, you have…


6 Super Simple Ways to Save Money When Eating Out

6 simple ways to save money when eating out

When it comes to effectively saving money, eating out is often OUT of the equation. How to eliminating and reduce eating out is an obstacle and struggle that comes up A LOT in our Spending Fasters Group. The Wall Street Journal states that restaurants often charge four times as much for food than it cost to buy the ingredients. So,…


Cheapskate’s Guide to Ohio

cheapskates ohio travel guide

This post is by Anna’s good friend, Shayla Pauley. Note: I’m a non-native Ohioan that moved here with my husband (who is a native). I’m learning about Ohio and exploring all it has to offer. I’m smitten with my new home state and think a lot of people would be surprised by how much it has to offer! Even if you…


5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent (That Will Help You Save Money)

5 things you didn't know you could rent that will help you save money

It’s nice to know that you own something. However, that doesn’t always make sense financially. Then, there are those items that we’ve all bought that we’ve ended up regretting; But how do you know when it’s okay to rent? Some rentals come easily to us and are just assumed, but other rental opportunities allude us when they are actually the…


DIY How to Make Cold Brew and Iced Coffee at Home

diy how to make cold brew iced coffee at home

One of the biggest issues that comes up in our Spending Fasters Community in the warm summer months is the struggle to stay caffeinated in the heat! I’ve struggled with this too so I HAD to share how I stay out of the coffee shop drive through and keep my hard earned bucks IN my pocket! This iced coffee/cold brew…


5 TERRIBLE Money Moves that Do Not Pay Off At ALL

5 terrible money moves that do not pay off at all

Have you ever made financial mistakes that you were pretty sure were going to turn out bad, or astronomically disastrous? All of us make bad decisions at one time or another. Either we couldn’t be bothered to research the facts, or we didn’t take in the input of our financial advisors. You may have even even made such moves based…


11 Things Your Boss Wants You to Know About Asking for a Raise

11 things to know before you ask for a raise

One of the many factors that leads to the success of any company is the people who work for it. Skilled and dedicated staff are a priority for businesses who want sustain positive image among consumers and generate maximum revenue. If employees put their best foot forward to produce results, they should be indispensable. However, without an adequate salary, An…


How To Save OVER $500 This Summer!

save money in summer

We are now entering the hottest months of the year, but there’s still enough time to follow through with one of these creative ways to save money in summer. Summer is the month where planned vacations and trips often take shape. It’s the time, marked with bright days and warm weather that most of us have been looking forward too….


The 11 Best Anti-Consumption Shows on Netflix That You MUST Watch

inspirational Netflix production

You’re reading this because you are tired of being complacent about the world you live in, right? Keep reading, this might help. These 11 shows on Netflix feature a strong non-materialistic, anti-consumerism message. Each points to getting more out of life than the commercialism that is usually marketed to us. The inspirational Netflix production streams available now are a great…