Crafty Crafty. Day 3 of the Spending Fast

making business cards out of cereal box

    Someone went and got crafty. You’ll never guess who. Usually, when I start a new project and launch an idea I get a set of cards made so I can easily hand ’em to folks if I happen to talk to them about what I’m up to. Makes sense to me. So, since I recently started this site…


Spending Fast Day 1 – The Mall? Really? (Irony at it’s Finest)

irony- day 1 of the spending fast

It’s the 1st day of my year-long Spending Fast and I ironically found myself at the mall with the hub. Say what? Yeah. I know. It was kinda like testing myself and probably way too soon. It’s DAY 1 for goodness sake! He wanted to return something and I said “I can do this. I can handle it…” and I…