Knew It…

It was inevitable that this day would come. The groceries went and ran out. All that’s left in the cupboards was bought months and months ago. I like to think that it actually LIKES to fill the space with no REAL intention of ever REALLY getting eatin. Like that’s what it was meant to do. Sit there and look cute for me. Dance! I…

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Spending Fast Day 5 – Am I Really Going to Do This for a Whole Year? Shit. (Difficulty and Reality is Setting in.)

we are going to make it through this year

It’s only DAY 5 but things are getting difficult. The bills have been paid and this is usually the point of the month where I go through my Etsy favorites and see what I want and then justify why I NEED it and then I simply buy it. I’m starting realize that just because I have money in my account and…

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You Know What’s Free? Compliments!

complimentary cats

Compliments! Hook someone up with some gen-u-wine niceness. It’ll go far. Trust me… and if it doesn’t well, urrr, ur, uh…

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Crafty Crafty. Day 3 of the Spending Fast

making business cards out of cereal box

    Someone went and got crafty. You’ll never guess who. Usually, when I start a new project and launch an idea I get a set of cards made so I can easily hand ’em to folks if I happen to talk to them about what I’m up to. Makes sense to me. So, since I recently started this site…


Day 2 of the Spending Fast

roller skating is free

Rollerblading around a park is free. So, that’s what I did today. Money spent $0. P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


Spending Fast Day 1 – The Mall? Really? (Irony at it’s Finest)

irony- day 1 of the spending fast

It’s the 1st day of my year-long Spending Fast and I ironically found myself at the mall with the hub. Say what? Yeah. I know. It was kinda like testing myself and probably way too soon. It’s DAY 1 for goodness sake! He wanted to return something and I said “I can do this. I can handle it…” and I…


The Countdown! The Spending Fast is Almost Here!

it's time for the spending fast

8 hours, 17 minutes and 59 seconds left until the Spending Fast begins and 2010 is here!! Happy (Almost) New Year! P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


In Preparation for The Spending Fast – Last-Minute “Needs”

last minute needs before the Spending Fast

Oh! So totally cute. And yes, very needed! Since my Spending Fast is coming up in 2 days (ack.) I was thinking that I need to figure out what I might need for the entire next year and just hurry up and buy it all right now. What holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, trips might possibly come up? I’ll plan for it ALL RIGHT NOW and then this whole challenge will…


My Self-Imposed Spending Fast Guidelines

my self-imposed spending fast rules and guidelines

So, I know some of you are thinking “Well… you’ve got to spend SOME money this year don’t you!?” and my answer to all of ya’ll (imagine that with a southern twang) is “Yes, I will have to.” Oh yeah, I’ll HAVE TO. Force me why don’t you. I imagine that this will kind of be like a person who is in Overeaters…


Here We Go! The Start of The Spending Fast!

Here We Go! The Start of the Spending Fast! Anna Newell Jones

the beginning