Black Friday Is Also Buy Nothing Day

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Have you heard about Buy Nothing Day? It was made popular by AdBusters magazine. You don’t have to participate in the mass day of consumption that we all know as Black Friday. You don’t have to incur debt this season. There are lots of ways to show love, appreciation, and be in the Holiday spirit besides busting your account.

Next week will kick off my DIY Gift Guides! Because this year I’ll be making ALL of the gifts I give. If you aren’t a DIY-er then do the next best thing and support local and/or independent businesses.

I’ll be participating in Buy Nothing Day. What will you be doing on Friday? If you say you’ll be at the mega store sales I won’t judge;)

P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


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  1. Amy

    I have always hated the notion of Black Friday. Even as someone who is working her way out of thousands of debt due to a shopping addiction, I have never wanted to partake in Black Friday. There are too many things wrong with it to go into all. But some key ones that really turn me off to this day are: the glaring light this day shines on the disgusting nature of American consumerism, the nasty behavior of shoppers that has in past years actually left people trampled and injured, and the corporate greed that drives good people out of their homes on a special day with family to go to work at midnight to fuel the insatiable appetites of gluttony and excess.

    I prefer to spend the day making sandwiches and other delicious goodies from leftovers, spending time with loved ones, and relaxing and enjoying some time at home and trying to appreciate things I am truly grateful for.

  2. Meghan

    I've been confused all month – Are we celebrating Thanksgiving or Black Friday this week? The two are polar opposites in my book. One for celebrating what we already have and the other to consume new stuff. What happened to being thankful and being with family/friends? My brother is working tomorrow, will be off for a few hours, and works again from 11PM tomorrow night until 7AM on Friday at Target. I'm hoping to take him a plate. He has been able to take time off once in six years. Just seems ridiculous, spending fast or not.
    Okay, finished venting :)

  3. Kelly

    I will be making my "grown up" gifts on Friday. Homemade "Kahlua" and Apple Pie Moonshine. The moonshine looks great in Mason Jars with a cinnamon stick and I bought glass bottles a long time ago with cork stoppers, thought they would be great for a liquor or infused vinegars. Have everything ready to go so I font have to step foot out of the house.

  4. Anna Newell Jones

    I hear ya Meghan, mass consumption and mass thankfulness. It's like are we all just so grateful that our ability to consume is so high? Purchasing seems to be (in a lot of ways) a measure of how we as Americans rate our success. It's a sad situation in a lot of ways. So you better believe I'll be staying away from all the black Friday craziness and hanging tight cuddling my chubby nephew!

  5. Sandy M

    I will definitely be having a "buy Nothing" day on Friday. I have started and stopped this spending fast at least four times since I started almost a month ago. I can already seee it will work, but with Christmas, I am going crazy. I have always the Grandma that gave lots of present. This year I am not doing that. I feel so guilty. Should I be feeling guilty. Two of the kids are teenagers but three are under 5. Anyway, hanging in there.

  6. Meghan

    Hey Sandy,
    You can do it! First, the kids under 5 will not even remember if you gave them anything. If you're close, maybe you can bring cookies or something. :)

    As far as the teenagers go, you could use this year to give them the best gift ever! Sit down with them (call/Facebook/write/whatever) and explain what debt is , why you feel it's so important to get rid of it, and such. I am 28 and so wish that my Grandma offered me financial guidance. My Grandma also spoiled me, so guidance about living within my means would have meant something coming from her.. She was the one who gave me the big gift every year. She loved it, so I know how you feel. But honestly, I would have been so happy to forgo that gift to help her.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Eco-cyclist

    LOVE IT! I just discovered your blog this week. I have been appalled at the Black Friday insanity for years. It's nonsense. I've already heard about fist fights at Wal-Mart . Really, people? Is it worth it? I don't get camping out or waiting in line for hours to save $5 on a pair of jeans. We are such over-consumers- never happy with what we have.
    I would like to go on a spending fast, but have a question. If I buy items at a local thrift store to make Christmas gifts- is that OK? (it's a thrift store run by a church that uses the store as a fundraiser to help those in need in our community find jobs and help them with bills and food needs). I still want to give small gifts that are homemade to my family, but don't want to buy anything new. I plan on making mittens out of felted wool sweaters.

  8. Rich

    OK, I know this point of view won;t be popular here, however, I can see some sense in shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, whatever. We have three small kids (7 and under). We will be buying present for them for Christmas. As much as I would like to make everything for them, or sit them down and explain to them the dangers (not evils) of a consumerist culture, this is not realistic. Yes, maybe years from now they will understand and appreciate the lessons. However, they won't now, and they only get to be little once. If I can save $$ on things we are giong to buy anyway, then it makes sense to do it. BTW, it's not simply $5 on a pair of jeans. It can be $300 on a computer (yes, they start using these at about 5-7), 50-100% on Lego kits, 50% on clothes, etc. That's some serious money and that makes sense. That all being said, I won't be out shopping today. The maddness of the crowds is just not my thing. I may, however, look around online to see if I can grab a good bargain.

    On a slight tangent, I may also buy some airline tickets today. Orbitz and Travelocity are having Black Friday sales. All of our family lives on the East coast and we never get to see most of them. In fact, my kids have never met some of ther cousins and aunts. Today, we can book flights for next year for 1/2 price. That makes it doable. For something like that, I can rationalize shopping on Black Friday.

    Just my opinion.

  9. clm

    i am pleased to say that i also stayed home on black friday! i do get where rich is coming from…if you are going to spend the money then spend it as smartly as you can…however, i am with amy and the others who feel that thanksgiving is put on the back burner and so overshadowed by black friday. it's not so much the getting out and finding a bargain i am opposed to but now it is so competitive between stores…and the crazy people and their rude behavior…it's just sad. i am not one to tell others how to raise their kids but lots of kids today don't want for much and many of them don't appreciate and take care of what they already have. i am not speaking for all. i teach elem. school and see alot of it going on. i think that young children need to know that mom and dad work hard and learn to appreciate what they have and what they do get. enough venting…it's a tough time of year to be dieting, let alone fasting. i love the diy ideas stated here so far and look forward to anna's posts! hope all of you were able to spend time with ones you love this week! clm

  10. Rich

    Just so you know, in the end I bought nothing today. Well, not exactly true. We went swimming, which cost a few dollars apiece (we have passes). We then picked up some orange chicken and Sun chips, went home, got into our "cozy clothes" and got under blankets to watch movies. great day.

    The $1500 we would have spent on airline tickets will go to paying down our debt. A bummer, but probably smarter.

  11. Maryl

    I spent mine hiking and eating leftovers al fresco at the Wilderness Center. Didn't spend a dime. Today I did support the Small Business day and bought spiritwear from a local sporting goods store for my high school freshman who has outgrown everything but her socks since summer. Since she just made the varsity gymnastics team, and made it through a rigorous marching band season with a 3.8 average, she gets a little Christmas reward from Mom.
    To me, Black Friday is yet another media-msnufactured frenzy that American consumers are dumb enough to fall for. How on earth did our parents manage to provide Christmas, however modest, without trekking around in the middle of the night? I don't get it. Maybe it's because I buy so few things, or because what little I buy is not Black Friday merchandise. At any rate, I had a great uninterrupted and peaceful night's sleep Thursday night!

  12. DF

    Black Friday is just the first offer! Discounts are much better (if you must buy) closer to Christmas. It's just as much of a hassle to stand in line at the mall on Black Friday as it is Dec. 20-24. Or wait until Dec. 26 or Jan. 2, you'll have a fresh pick of 'returned' items and stores just want the inventory off their books so the discounts have been the best around this time in my experience.
    It's not cheap, it's practical ;)

  13. Rich

    One year y wife and I decided we would exchange minimal gifts at Christmas and then shop for what we wanted after Christmas. It sound un-festive but it was actually great. Reduced the gift-giving pressure and we saved 50-80% on everything.


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