Being Frugal Is Better Than Shopping – Yes, Seriously

being frugal is better than shopping

There can be a certain physical reaction you experience when you are out shopping – something that feels similar to complete euphoria when you find the oh-my-gawd-perfect-handbag or those awesome-fitting-jeans. For some people the reaction goes way deeper in that shopping becomes a high they can’t seem to live without. While not everyone has a true addiction to shopping, it can still be a satisfying experience.

Know what else can be satisfying? Being debt-free for life!

Imagine no longer having the stress of worrying about how you plan to pay your electric bill. Focus on how amazing it would feel to not have to cringe every single time your telephone rings out of fear of a bill collector on the other end.

Frugality can go a long way to debt relief and getting your financial life back on track. Finding ways to save money in your daily life will certainly exercise your mind and your creativity. Frugal can be fun! Not only that but you can achieve so much more by using your powers for good.

Why Frugality Beats Shopping Any Day…

Obviously we still have to do some shopping but when you are on the path for eliminating all of your outstanding debts, you need to learn to shop with a frugal twist. Use your energy on finding where the discounts and deals are on the things you need such as groceries rather than window shopping mindlessly because you are bored.

You can keep your mind busy inventing new ways you can incorporate into your daily life. For some people, the change and inspiration has been so remarkable they have become masters of frugality and are regularly sharing their lessons and tips with the world on their own websites and blogs. Being frugal to save more money has become a life more complete than for those still tempting fate in the malls.

Transfer your excitement about shopping over to saving money. It is way more gratifying and you can do it anytime! It can take some time to make the adjustments work in your real life but don’t give up. The more effort you put forward to cut costs, the more exciting it will be to watch your bank account grow.

Start small by trying a few tips for living a more frugal life. Once you have mastered those tips, incorporate a few more until you become a natural frugalist and a reformed impulse shopper.

What about you? Do you being frugal could ever be as good as shopping?

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  1. Jane

    Hi Anna–

    I am trying to learn and practice the difference between gratification and satisfaction. The first is immediate and brings a lot of pleasure and excitement. However, that wears off very quickly and the aftermath is not so much fun.

    Satisfaction is for the long-run. It is a quieter and deeper sense of contentment and efficacy and the consequences are all good. Frugal living definitely belongs in this category.

    Reminding myself of the difference and pausing long enough to know which is which is a major challenge for me at present. I would venture to guess I am not alone in this.


  2. Megan

    Husband and i rarely go shopping. A huge percentage of our pay check goes straight to our retirement. I feel so old saying that. I’d rather have money saved in the bank than buy lots of clothes. I always regret the things I buy any way. I’m just cheap like that! ;)

    1. Anna Newell Jones Post author

      I always have the worst buyer’s remorse too (so different than the old days;). Hey I think you sound super smart putting the money into retirement rather than spending it!

  3. emily

    I have found saving money each month to buy a house very satisfying. (We close next weeek!)

    Also, for any America’s Next Top Model fans, I’m pretty sure that photo is Whitney, who won about 5 years ago.

  4. Don Antle

    Great Blog!
    Being Frugal or plain out SMART is the best way to live when the thought of debt free comes up. Not Doubt!

    Being in the debt consolidation business, a lot of clients I have/had were not so FRUGAL haha… and then they get stuck in an imaginary sink hole and when they really need the money…. its not there, instead its going to debt.

    We instill in their heads that being very smart and adamant about excessive spending is key to their success. It disrupts the process of becoming Debt Free… That two seconds of feeling accomplished by buying something wont supersede the feeling of a huge credit card bill.

    Staying strong, having a huge support system, and great direction is the best combination when choosing to become debt free!

  5. Liberty

    I take great pride in my cheapness – actually, not in cheapness as much as being able to find quality items for our home and well-made clothing for pennies. Our latest coup was at a church rummage sale. I was able to get an entire fall wardrobe plus books for my husband, a palm-type organizer new in the package, some movies and music and they asked $2 for everything. Being it was for a charity, we gave them more but still nowhere near what we would have paid retail for it all. If you keep your eyes open, you can find everything you need for less than you would think.


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