What Are Your Thoughts on “Babymoons”?

anna newell jones

Tonight I got back to Denver after spending some time with my family and my sister’s new baby (who is just SO sweet), and tomorrow at the completely insane time of 4:15 am we wake up to head to the lovely Northwest (I’m in love with that area of the US) on an unofficial Babymoon (a Babymoon is an idea that has gained popularity in recent years. Babymoons are trips that 1st time parents take as one last getaway before the new baby arrives).

I say we’re going on an “unofficial” Babymoon because it just so happens that I’m pregnant and in the recommended 2nd trimester babymoon timeframe then that we were like planning a trip for the sole purpose of getting away before the baby gets here. (I really liked reading this post by Glorianna about her Babymoon)

So, the idea of a babymoon kinda sorta reeks of another commercialized idea to get people to spend money on yet another thing so it makes me curious, what are your thoughts on Babymoons? Are they just ploys to get people to spend money or are they really worthwhile trips for couples to relax and spend quality time together before their lives change?

p.s. I have lots of reader question and answer posts planned for this week along with some other fun posts. I’ll also be posting photographs of the trip on my Instagram account if you want to follow along there. xo! Anna

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6 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts on “Babymoons”?

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  1. Christine Albury

    I may be – ahem – a little biased, but babymoons really do have value. As a mother of 5 I can attest to the fact that vacationing is never quite so straightforward as after your first child is born. Not only is a babymoon the last truly relaxing break you’ll have for a while, it creates really special memories of your last days as a couple – a lovely tip is to get lots of pics of you and your bump at your babymoon destination, then revisit once your little one has arrived and take more photos WITH your baby. A lovely photographic record of life’s journey :)

  2. Kate von Ter Stegge

    I took a babymoon and loved it. I didn’t know babymoons were a thing, so I didn’t have to worry I was succumbing to pressure from commercial forces by deciding to take a vacation in my second trimester. My feeling is that vacations are always a positive if you have the time and can afford them. I ate my way across New Orleans while pg and have no regrets!! My only regret is that I didn’t take a second vacation.

  3. Bri

    I never took a babymoon but I did take a very stress-free sun drenched vacation before transitioning back from being an expat & moving back Stateside. It was worth every penny. Any big life transition deserves a break before it’s full steam ahead. Time is really precious once you have the baby & being a mom truly changes everything.


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