Aye Yi Yi! – Spending Fast Month 5 Progress Report

spending fast month 5 progress report andthenwesaved.com

My May savings are in and I have set a new record for myself! You will not believe this…

I saved a total of $1073.70 in May! I just impressed myself!!

How it all shook out and some insight into how I saved what I did in May:

  • Recently moved to a new place where the monthly rent is quite a bit cheaper than it used to be
  • Pawned some items we no longer needed… 1st time in a pawn shop
  • Sold some other items on Craigslist
  • Sold some items in my etsy shop… while I said I would use that money for fun enjoyment things I haven’t been able to convince myself to actually DO that. I really want that debt paid off in a BIG way… can you tell
  • Spent $15 OVER my $35 limit on the hub… it seems to be consistently the case… with an average of $45 being spent on him

May’s savings is getting disbursed like this: $1023.70 paid to my credit card and the way things are going I will most likely have 1 payment left on the credit card and then that will be completely done and over and taken care of! (Ahh! I can’t wait!)

Then I sent an extra $50.00 to my parents for the college loan they took out for me. I’m planning on upping that payment to them once I get the interest bearing stuff paid off. Surely they don’t like that idea because they want the loan they took out for me paid off but it IS the smart way to get out of debt…. pay off the highest interest debt 1st and then work your way down to the debt that has the least amount of interest.

Check out my total savings from the Spending Fast right here.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Have I told you how cute you are? You are really, quite cute AND amazing!

P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!

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