Spruce Up Your Home with a $15 Art Wall – DIY

$15 Art Wall DIY

Let’s face it…when the budget is tight, art is not exactly a priority. However, I am a firm believer that creating a beautiful living space can lend greatly to one’s happiness. Should we sacrifice a gorgeous interior for the sake of saving or getting out of debt? I don’t believe we have to. I think you can decorate and save big! This DIY art wall cost me under $15!!! And I’ll show you how to make one too!

How to Create a $15 Art Wall and Give Your Home Some New Life…


  • Frames – I purchased all these frames for $1.00 to $2.00 a piece at my local thrift store. When most people think of framing art they think “Expensive!” but buying used thrifted frames can cut costs by as much as $100.00. Now that’s the And Then We Saved spirit!
  • Craft paint – Let’s be honest, I own more craft paint than necessary so I just went shopping in my craft paint graveyard and found a color palate that was inspiring to me and fit the prints I wanted to frame. No sense in wasting paint!
  • Sand paper – One sheet
  • Glitter – Optional but, in my opinion, my crafting motto is “it aint over until it’s covered in glitter”
  • Art! – I’ll talk a little bit more about my art choices later in the post

$15 Art Wall DIYSteps: $15 Art Wall DIY First, you will want to sand all your frames lightly. The goal is to get any excess grime off them (they are thrifted after all) and to create a rough surface that paint will stick to better. After I sanded I wiped all the extra dust off with a wet rag. $15 Art Wall DIY Second, paint the frames! Each frame took 2 to 3 coats of paint, but I do like full coverage with my paint. $15 Art Wall DIY Last, insert glitter into you project if necessary :). Frame your art. And hang those suckers on the wall! For my art I used some very affordable prints from Caravan, a few vintage sewing patterns that were my great-grandmother’s, clippings from a Japanese painting calendar (that I got for free), re-purposed gift wrap, and my great-grandfather’s stamp collection. I adore this eclectic mix of art for my art wall because I think each piece says something unique on its own, yet they all fit into a similar color theme. Each is special to me and beautiful to all observers. The best part? It only cost $15! $15 Art Wall DIY $15 Art Wall DIY $15 Art Wall DIY What free art would you like to frame for an art wall? How do you decorate on the cheap? Alix Adams is a glitter user and ice cream abuser. She blogs at A Ruffled Life when she’s not kissing her baby’s fat rolls or painting a wall.


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  1. Steven J Fromm

    Great ideas and nice tutorial. Also, readers should also think about taking pictures of their travels and converting them to canvas. This is another cheap way of having a lot of fun, enjoyment and something to recall memories of a great trip.

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