Are You Going To Start A Spending Fast or Spending Diet?

spending fast

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33 thoughts on “Are You Going To Start A Spending Fast or Spending Diet?

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  1. Sarah

    I am sometime soon. We had a 70' oak tree crash through our house in April and everything has been crazy and unpredictable and LOTS of $$$$ spent out of pocket since insurance takes 90 years to send checks. Rebuilding hasn't even started yet actually. But I've been on spending fasts before, just for a few weeks. I'd like to do one soon and keep records on it.

  2. Kalliope

    Yup. I am in graduate school, racking up more and more student debt, and am concerned about the job market, etc. I have decided to live on a spending diet indefinitely. In this way, I can stretch out my funding money for many months after graduation, covering my living expenses until I find a grown-up job.

  3. Gabby

    I'm actually new to your site (just found recently, 1st post) and I'm really not sure which I need to be on, but I NEED to be on one or the other for sure!
    Sooooo overwhelmed about where/how to start. I DO know I am going to get started reading your blog though, lol.

  4. clm

    anna, your story has been so inspirational to me! i have read and re~read so much of your blog. i am ready to take a stand and make the changes necessary to get rid of my debt!!! you are right…it's like a big rock that sits in your stomach. i agree with gabby…don't know how i am going to approach this just yet, i have done lots and lots of thinking the past couple of days…i will be ready to begin real soon…aug. 1st…i am funny that way! :o) congrats on your accomplishments and thanks so much for sharing and continuing to share your story! :o)

  5. Little By Little

    I am! I was supposed to start on July 1st but I have not been able to control our sending and feel really bad/guilty/ashamed with myself. I'm going to pick myself up and start over today. I know I can do this…I just have to keep playing tricks with myself to stop spending. Just like I play tricks with myself to run one last mile.

    I need serious encouragement.

  6. Coree

    Yes! I have to and need to and even want to ! Your story inspires me and actually has even helped me cut up that out of control credit card, thank you for this !

  7. Maryl

    This is not rocket science. Trying to do it all at once can be so overwhelming you never start. I don't know how Anna did it and kept her sanity. Give yourself the chance to savor some small victories and then work on some others. Go to the library and take out some books. Gail Vaz-Oxlade and Jane Bryant Quinn are two good resources. Track spending. Take a look at recent credit card statements, analyze purchases and discover what triggers spending – need or want.

    Start with these three categories. Post this on the fridge, the bathroom mirror and a copy in wallet wrapped around a single credit card. Secure with a rubber band. That's ONE credit card in the wallet for gas and dire emergencies: i.e., the rear tire picked up a nail and can't be fixed. Promise yourself to stick to it each week.


    Food: $50 cash for food per person in the household. That's the food budget for the week. That's eating out, eating in, drinks with the girls/boys. That also covers stuff like laundry detergent, dish detergent, plastic wrap and the like. I will keep a tally so I know exactly how much I have spent and how much I have left. Once it's gone, it's gone. (Little critters and large families don't get $50 each. $150 – 175 should cover families unless you have 17 kids.)

    Clothing: I don't need any this week.

    Electronics: I don't need any new apps, tv's, iPads, etc., etc., etc. this week.

  8. shea hey

    I'm all in for "dieting". I will work out my budget today and even though its already pretty limited, it will be shaved down to the bare necessities and nothing more.

    thanks anna for the inspiration.

  9. DB

    I just started my spending diet last week when I got my pay check. I decided a spending diet is the best way for me because I was becoming obsessive over putting the right numbers in a budget column every month. It really was driving me crazy. I just could not decide what amounts would be appropriate. And I was always sweating out getting my bills paid at the end of the month because I had spent money on un-needed items. I was always in the red. So, I decided to work backwards, using a good old fashioned check book register. I deducted from my register all my credit card bills and other bills for the month, and set reminders on my calender for when to pay them. So the balance I see left in my register is what I left to spend (strikethrough) SAVE for the month! I'm trying very hard to not let that balance budge too very much. But the thing I like about this is, I finally feel in control. I feel very in control of my pennies. And I like knowing exactly how many pennies I have in case something should come up. I no longer have to wonder if I will have enough money at the end of the month to meet financial obligations.

    Also, I have made some sacrifices. Most notable was: makeup. I have always worn a fantastic mineral powder from Sephora at $28 a pop. Well, I ran out. In keeping my comitment to the spending diet, I found a coupon for $2 off a different mineral makeup. So I went to the drug store and purchased it for $14. (Originally $16). And what's more is I scored some CVS extra bucks! $5 off my next purchase at CVS. But of course, I will only use that coupon when it's time to buy something I really do actually need. Now I am not keen on the performance of this drug store mineral make up but I'm going to USE IT UP. In comittment to the diet, I will use it up. And when it does run out, I will not go to Sephora. I will go back to the drug store. With a coupon.

    And THANK YOU for your inspiration, your brilliant savings ideas, your honesty, and for showing us that IT CAN BE DONE! I'm on the road to Debt Free Town and I'm looking forward to getting there!

  10. ashleycolean

    i am three months into, what i'm calling my 'financial lock down'…it's somewhere between a fast and a diet i suppose. 'a super strict diet!'

    my goal is to pay down $34,114.73 in debt (mostly student loans and car loans, but a little consumer) in 24 months!

    so far i'm going strong with $6,568 paid down! whoo hoo! a thank you to you isn't nearly enough, but THANKS for the great motivation to make a change in my own life!!


  11. Kristinah

    My bestest pal and I are about to crack down hard core. She wants a car and kids someday and I want a house and kids someday and we're both living check to check right now with virtually no savings and we both have some pretty killer student loans and consumer debt.. We're gathering info to make the best route to take to get our spending frozen!!!

  12. Jen

    I'm starting Sept 1 and I am TERRIFIED. Terrified. I'm afraid I won't stick to it, I'm afraid of how it will work because I'm a freelancer- I'm afraid because my work involves a lot of socializing by eating out, drinking out etc.

    But I'm more afraid of my debt, so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm gonna do it.

  13. ad

    I started officially in May and so far the spending diet is going really well. My credit card balances are decreasing and I'm only paying for things I can afford. Thanks for all the encouragement and support.

  14. clm

    you CAN do it jen, we all can!!! it's scary to think about starting but starting will be a good thing. guess we have to be forgiving if we slip up and get back on track asap. i find so much inspiration and strength in anna's site/blog and comments here. i think, for me, a huge piece is knowing i am not alone in this…that there are others that are in my boat…there is comfort in that! so let's get out of debt together!!! best of luck to all! :o)

  15. Anna Newell Jones

    it's SO true CLM- none of us are alone. you no longer have to be in debt. You have a place for support and encouragement!! YOU CANNN DOOO ITTT!!

    Also, don't forget about the Community section! It is THE place to write about every part of your process and get support along the way out of debt. Write about the problems and successes that you encounter! xoox a

  16. Melissa

    I want a spending diet. In 2 years my oldest heads off to college. Yikes! We need to save as much as possible.

  17. Andrea S.

    My husband and I are beginning our spending diet August 1st. We both have student loans that have to go! We are pretty frugal already but after reading your blog we decided it's time to get serious. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. clm

    it is so exciting to feel the encouragement and support here!!! it is tough having kids in college melissa…we have three…yikes!!! we have talked and talked to our kids about the "evils" of credit cards…and, because you're never too young to learn, i am going to put our youngest on a spending diet aug. 1st as well. he is finding himself going from payday to payday because using a debit card is just too easy…:o/ we can all learn and benefit from this. i am planning on posting on the community section monday as that will be my first day on the fast/diet. i hope to see lots of you there…i will need the support and encouragement and i would love to support and encourage you all as well! :o) thanks to anna for starting this all and sharing it with us…it has been a HUGE motivator for me!


    I'm very close. trying to ditch the extra stuff in the house and build up a little savings. All your tips are great! Keep up the good work.

  20. Stacy

    I am planning on starting my spending diet as of September 1st. I am now in the process of writing out my goals and working out my budget. You're webiste is helping me LOADS!

  21. Kat Skull

    Yes, I am going to start a spending diet. No more clothes for me until my credit card debt is halfway paid off and I have $1000 in my savings account as an emergency fund. Then I can buy a couple items as a small reward for how well I've done. Then I will finish paying off the other half of my credit cards. I think the reward system is my best bet because I enjoy rewards! (but I reward myself too frequently right now, which explains the debt).


  22. Megan

    My hubby and I started our spending diet on February 1 after I came upon your blog. You are such an inspiration! It is truly a lifestyle change and has totally changed the way we think about money… For the better! Thank you Anna!

  23. Karen

    I started my spending diet three days ago. I know that doesn't sound like much but it's a start I think. It'll probably turn into a spending fast though. I think that'll do me good.
    Luckily I have a good goal. Getting into drama school is expensive.

  24. Kayte

    I know this is a comment on a super-old post but my husband and I are in considerable credit card/student loan debt and have decided to do a 2012 spending fast/save-a-thon inspired by your blog! We've been reading through all of your archives and getting so inspired. We're keeping ourselves accountable by blogging via tumblr as well.

  25. Holly

    I NEED to go on a spending diet. I struggle to control my spending and then once I start, I feel powerless to stop. Some help would be much appreciated.


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