The App that Will Save You Tons of Money (Easily)

the app that will save you TONS of money easily andthenwesaved

Since having little Henry time has become the most valuable thing to me. If an app helps me save money I like it but if it also helps me save time I’ll be over-the-moon, straight-up smitten. Money savers are great but time savers are amazing. #amiright?! Today I’m gonna tell you about something that’s been saving me buckets of time and lots of money!

I started using Flipp a few weeks ago and I’m sold on how efficiently it works. Not familiar with Flipp? Let me fill you in. Flipp is an app that finds all of your local weekly ads. Flipp is the “ultimate circular aggregator.” The app shows you all of the weekly ads and then it also matches hundreds of coupons so you get to save the most money. (Flipp told me that most of their users save 20 – 70% on items.)

I love that Flipp makes saving money so damn easy. It takes no time at all to “clip coupons” and get the deals on stuff I’m already going to be buying anyway. This, I like.
the app that will save you tons of money

the app that will save you tons of money

the app that will save you tons of money

How we use Flipp: we put our zip code in the app, selected our preferred grocery stores, then we build our grocery list throughout the week based on what we see is on sale and obviously based on what we need and want to eat for the week. From there the app automatically pulls the best deals on the items we’re going to buy anyway from the stores we already go to.

Boom. Done. Easy.

Also! Nothing gets by Flipp. The app shows us all of the relevant coupons and deals from the circulars and coupons so we don’t miss the chance to save money. Then, when we’re in the store, the in-app grocery list helps us because we’re able to stay on course and avoid impulse shopping. Impulse purchases add up. If you’re looking to get out of debt staying on track and keeping course with what you actually need to be spending money on instead of what catches our eye in the moment always wins. I learned the power of sticking to a list firsthand when I was doing my Spending Fast.


What I’m loving most about Flipp:

  • We’ve been primarily using Flipp for our groceries but the app helps you find deals in all sorts of areas, not just with groceries which is cool. Some of the other areas it can find deals for you are with: automotive, baby and kids stuff, electronics, fashion/clothing, home goods, office supplies, pet stuff, sports gear and even pharmacy items.
  • Instead of having to go to each stores different website Flipp is the only app that matches hundreds of coupons with local weekly ads so you can save the most at 800+ retailers.
  • You can search circular deals and coupon match ups by brand, item, or category.
  • You can search coupons by your favorite retailer to see what’s on sale where you shop
  • You can search for specific items (chocolate, earrings, etc.) to compare prices between retailers to make empowered shopping decisions.
  • You can search for a specific savings amount with the handy discount slider. (I LOVE this tool and haven’t seen it on any other app.)


It takes a lot for an app to stand out so much that I’m willing to share it with ATWS readers. It has to be something really special, something that is different from other apps and resources, something that not only will help people save money but will help you save TIME. If I add a new app or tool to my life, it’s got to work for me not clutter it up, you know? Flipp fits the bill and I’m excited for you to use it too and have this simple tool that makes saving money super easy.


This is a sponsored post but, as always, my opinions are my own. – Anna


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  1. Shelley

    I also love Flipp because if you shop at WalMart – they will price match and all you have to do is show them the online flyer and boom – they will give you the sale price! I usually save about $5.00- $10.00 every week.


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