About That Time

wanna do a trade how bout it

It’s nuts to think that it’s already mid-November! Really, time is just straight up zooming by. With Christmas around the corner I’m starting to think about what I’ll be giving to my lovely family and friends and well, I’m just gonna throw it out there- I’m wondering if ya’ll might be up for some trades?

You see, I’ve got this little Etsy shop that I sell some items out of and if you’re into it, I’d like to do some trades. Just think about it. No pressure.

Maybe you have something I would like and maybe I have something you would like. Just putting it out there. It could be an option to give your fam and friends something different and for my family and friends to get something that’s new to them. It would be a no-cost option to the Holidays folks… which would be quite quite nice.