About Leftovers! Yeah! Leftovers! I Love Leftovers!

Do you ever find yourself staring at a whole mess of leftovers in your refrigerator? I’ve found that eating out of the fridge and out of the cupboards– using up the stuff I already have is a great way to cut back on spending money. Groceries tend to eat up most of my money thoughout the month.

Stinkin. Groceries! Are! Expensive!

I was thinking people would probably be way more into leftovers if they had a more fun name.

Maye something like: “Deja Vu Meals”.

Seriously. Am I right or am I right!? That’d be WAY more fun.

Or, we could called them: “Hello Again Meals.”

Or: “Hi Again’s”.

Or: “Hey Stranger, New To Town? Nope. You’re Not!”

Okay, now I’m just getting hysterical.

It happens.

What’s your favorite leftover meal? How do you stretch your bucks in the meal department?

(Totally un-related fact: when my identical twin sister and I were little kids we always thought that if we had our own “identical twin sitcom” we would call it “Deja Vu”. We grew up with that twin show “Sister Sister” so we thought we had a shot.

And, well, we would be hiiillarrious, of course!

We always thought about going to a Twins Festival too. Anyone ever been to one?)


8 thoughts on “About Leftovers! Yeah! Leftovers! I Love Leftovers!

  1. Jenny @ exconsumer

    Ha, ha. I'm a fan of your "De Ja Vu Meals" renaming suggestion Anna. That is WAY more appealing than boring old "left overs." Who wants left overs? But De Ja Vu Meals, now that sounds delicious.

    I've found that if I use up things in my cupboard and freezer, I could easily skip the grocery store for a week (except for milk and bread). The problem is, I rarely ever do this! It's a good way to save some cash AND use up food that go bad eventually.

    And yes. You and Kelly could totally go on the road with your Mary Kate and Ashley impression. :)

  2. Chelle

    The only meal that I can ever get anyone in my house to eat leftover is pizza, so I try not to have leftovers unless I know they are something I will eat. I like to get rid of Mexican stuff by making it into taco salad. I also love homemade chicken soup for several days and can do chili leftover as well. It's very hard to keep the grocery bill down with three teenage boys and I hear grocery prices are about to skyrocket. Everything's going up except for salaries!

  3. Jen

    As part of my Spending Fast I have been religious about "de-ja-vu meals"! I have a family of 3, and so I almost always make enough for 4 (or don't eat a full plate to keep my girlish figure!) and then I pack up the rest.

    One of the greatest gifts I have received since I started this was a huge fun pack of Rubbermaid plastic containers. All shapes and sizes!
    If I have enough leftovers, I will simply make one more and pack it for lunch,or I'll make a salad, and use a grilled chicken patty (Walmart has pretty good frozen ones) for my lunch at the office.

    Another great leftover tip, I had no idea how much you can freeze! I have been freezing pizza, peppers, meat, just about anything until I need to use it. Then defrost, and voila, fresh ____ for your meal! If I could only figure out a way to make fruit last longer…..

    Anyway thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Chelle


    I agree that freezing when you make too much is a great way to save money. My husband and I are the only ones in the family who like chili, so the last time I made it, I froze half and then we had another meal later.

    I'm with you on the fruit. I really wish there was a way to keep it from spoiling so fast!


  5. Maryl

    Twins? The Twin Festival in . . . Twinsburg, Ohio, is the place for you and your sister.

    Deja vu meals:
    I bake a chicken, have it for dinner, then debone it, saving the broth and pieces of meat. I make a gravy from the broth, put in (thawed) frozen mixed vegetables and serve with toast. We just had it tonight for dinner. Chicken wraps with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a little ranch dressing. A dark green salad w/dried cranberries, oranges, almonds, chicken and ginger dressing.

    Roast beef with onion, carrots and potatoes gets ground up and becomes hash that I brown in the skillet and have w/ gravy. Yum. I probably look forward to that as much as the main meal. Funny, my mom made that when we were growing up – used to make hash rolls in homeade biscuit dough (can you tell she knew how to stretch it out?) if there really wasn't enough for just plain hash. As an adult, I was telling my brother I'd made hash for dinner and it was so good. He said, "God, I hated that s****!" This from the guy who accidentally ate my mom's leftover liver in a sandwich for lunch thinking it was roast beef. He came home and said, "Mom, I think that roast beef was going bad." She said, "What did you do with it?" He said, "I was hungry so I ate it." THEN she told him it was . . . livah.

    Ham, I grind it with a hard-boiled egg, mix w/mayo and mustard to form a spread for sandwiches. I have never been able to eat commerical ham salad. I think it's the color.

    Something else I do if I have leftover pork it cut it up pretty fine and put it in meatless pasta sauce.

    I know these are not very original ideas, but I'm maybe not a very original person.

  6. Katie

    I <3 casseroles! Tuna noodle to be more specific. I think this recipe is awesome: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Best-Tuna-Casserole/Detail.aspx. It holds up well for a couple of days in the fridge and takes just as good microwaved as when you first make it.

    On a side note, I have always wanted a twin! I still have a secret wish that I'll be at the mall one day and bump into my long lost twin sister, and we'll each have half of a medallion that our parents gave us when we were born, à la Tia and Tamara Mowry.

  7. Erika

    Just to comment on the Twinsburg twins day. My two sisters are twins (I am a solo child though). I grew up very close to Twinsburg, Ohio, so my parents would take all of us to Twins Day. I always felt so lame because I didn't have anyone to dress like. We have a bunch of early '90s photos of them there dressed the same which are now hilarious!

  8. Morgan

    Hi Anna! I heard about your blog through the Clark Howard show while channel surfing, and am totally inspired! I don't currently have any debt except for about $20,000 in student loans. Because of you, I am starting my year long spending fast on July 1! Over the last 2 days I have read every.single.post on your blog. I am a triplet, and we went to a Multiples convention once. It was pretty un-exciting and was really just a barbeque in the park for people with multiples. There was, however, one lady who had 15 kids, all of whom were multiples. 1 set of quads, 2 set of triplets and the rest were twins. It was kind of gross.

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