A Talk

Remember how I said there were some BIG things in the works!? Well… now I get to tell you about the 2nd thing (the 1st thing was about 5280 magazine).

On Friday, I had the privilege of speaking to over 100 Lexmark employees at their headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. I spoke on the topic of:

Financial Wellness and the Environmental Benefits of Simplifying Through A Year of Living Sustainably.

(A.K.A.: The Little Things Add Up)

Everyone was so welcoming, receptive, warm and friendly. Also, have you ever been to Lexington? I was surprised by how green and lush the city is. Rolling green hills are surrounded by crisp white fences and horses amble about within those lush fields. We also learned about: Hot Browns, Burgoo and Hoppin’ Johnnies. We got to go to the Keeneland Horse Derby (which just so happened to be the last stop before the Kentucky Derby), we saw The McConnell Springs and we even went to a Shaker Village (like the Quakers but different), a billy goat ate part of my shirt, and we shared a piece of 4 layer orange cake with orange buttercream frosting.

The whole city was really SO pretty and the whole experience was great!

Below are some images from the hour long talk at Lexmark and some photographs from the Q&A session that followed.

(Photograph by Aaron Jones)

P.S. if you or your company would like me to come speak shoot me an email: Hello@AndThenWeSaved.com


11 thoughts on “A Talk

  1. Chelle


    I bet when you started this thing, you had absolutely no idea how famous it was going to make you or how many people you would inspired. What you have done is absolutely amazing and I admire your self control more than you will ever know.

    One of your readers recently posted about how hard it is to do this with all the new spring styles out in stores and I was so right there with her. Especially since I went from a size medium to a size large (8 to a 10/12) since my surgery last year and actually NEED clothing that fits me. I have a basement full of clothes I've been putting off selling at a yard sale or taking to donate because I keep hoping to get back down into them, but I have a feeling it's just not going to happen.

    Congratulations. I'm betting you traveled on THEIR dime! :o) It's a whole lifestyle change, isn't it?

  2. ali

    you so pretty!

    congrats. on the talk. on all you've accomplished. i need to follow suit, but all the pretty things out there keep beckoning me…

  3. Katie

    Holy moly, that's so awesome! I bet that was such an interesting discussion. Look at you- travelin', makin' speeches, inspirin' people coast to coast!

    And you look so pretty too, may I add! :)

  4. Celeste

    My husband and I lived in Lexington for four years and found it to be a lovely spot. Coincidentally, our Lexington landlord worked for Lexmark! Congrats on your success, and I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Lexington.

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