A Quick Welcome!

anna newell jones on clark howard

Welcome to those of you who have found your way here via the Clark Howard show. Glad to have you!


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  1. Denise

    Hello I saw you on Clark Howard and was impressed! I am excited to read your blog and continue with my spending diet. Thank you for being such a positive influence on women!!

  2. Anna Newell Jones

    Hi Denise, Thank you for coming on over to visit my blog. Thank you also for saving I'm a positive influence on women. That is so great to hear.

  3. Mary

    Love your website. Heard about you on Clark Howard. I have been doing the same thing you are. I only buy what I really, really need. My goal is to be debt free in 15 months. It's great knowing there are others doing the same thing…it helps knowing it can be done. Thanks

  4. Isabella

    Hi Denise, I saw your segment on Clark Howard. If we as a culture can come to believe that what we want and think we must have is not linked to happiness and fulfillment, we would all be wealthier in many ways. Thanks for your website. Keep saving!

  5. Dani

    I just saw you on Howard Clark. Thank you!!! I am so glad for your transparency and allowing others to learn from your mistakes and your successes. I am a mother of three kids and am trying to teach them a great sense of money. I hope they will do much better than I did starting out in life as a young adult. I hope to learn some great tips from your site to pass on to them. Thanks again!

  6. Lori

    Just saw you on Clark Howard (must be a Sun. re-run) I love your "spending diet" and "spending fast" concepts –great idea and interesting experiment. I'm in the same situation you were: good job, but money is "draining out" at about the same rate I "refill" the bank accounts. Crazy to live this way and time to change! Thanks, you've inspired me to do something about my situation!

  7. Kathy

    Hi, Anna. Just found my way here from the Clark Howard video link on CNN's website. WTG on the debt diet. My husband and I went into heavy debt right after getting married and clawed our way out about 2 years after. I know what it takes to do what you did and just wanted to send a virtual high five! Will be checking out your links to read specifically what you did to lose the debt.

  8. Neely

    Thank you for the welcome. I also saw you on Clark Howard. I had never even seen or heard of his show before. Can't wait to dive in to my own Spending Fast. I did actually eat breakfast & lunch from home today, so I guess that's a start!

  9. Jen

    Hi Anna, I don't even know where to begin, but I want to, so here goes. My husband and I needed a date night and we went to dine together and the bill came and then the babysitter had to be paid and I felt depressed for three days afterward about it. We're at the same place you were (level of debt) and want to turn it around before it gets worse, and it steadily gets worse each month ) ; I'll show this to my husband and we'll see if we can't begin following your lead. One positive thing is that I've managed to be a homemaker for the past 9 years with our 9 year old and 8 year old. I guess the debt could be far worse. Funny thing is that everyone thinks I'm wealthy because I don't work, but they don't know how close it is for us each month. And all of our friends have more money than we do, so it's hard to settle back in to what's best for us. You know what I hate the most…Every time that we get a bonus, it always goes to debt. It just keeps getting harder and harder. I'll see where this goes. Trying to be responsible in DGO, one of the most expensive places in the world to live! I'm sure that this blog has been very therapeutic for you. It feels good to get it off of your chest. Thanks for being an inspiration…I'm so happy for you and praise you for all of your hard work. Sincerely, Jen ( ; Peace and love!

  10. Amanda

    Hey! So glad to have found you! I saw you on the Clark Howard show. I have been a fan of Dave Ramsey's for years (do you know who he is?) He has helped me tremendously. I love when people save and get out of debt!
    I am a single mother who receives no child support or any kind of assistance from the father, so when I lost my job a year ago I was in shock. I decided to go back to school. Yes I have student loans now, but most of the time I use what's left over from my student loans to pay on them before they gain interest.
    Having to cut out spending was so difficult but I learned so much in the process. I now mend clothes I used to throw away $50 shirts just because of a small thing, like an ink mark. Now I recycle and reuse! I glue a couple of rhinestones over that ink spot! I even found a website that showed me how to take one of my favorite tshirts that ripped and make it into a little skirt for my daughter. It's amazing what you come up with and what you find when spending money is not an option.

    Congrats on being debt free!

  11. Kay

    Considering the average American income is $33,000, your income isn't typical or average. In December you actually made over 8K? Yeah, that month was a fluke, but seriously? Over 8K? Well, I guess you'd pay off your debt quickly! But it wasn't just one month. Several of the other months indicate your income is well above average, too. Honestly, I'm not finding this all that spectacular when I look at the month-to-month savings and also see your husband was buying you meals and goodies and you had a budget for things together with him. That's not exactly a fast. Did you share these things with Clark Howard, too?

  12. Anna Newell Jones

    Hi Kay,

    I think you have misunderstood some things. I haven't indicated my income but my SAVINGS on the Total Savings page. I DO make an average salary. When the Spending Fast started I literally had no extra money. That's what is so crazy about the Spending Fast and actually that is what truly makes it "spectacular" to use your word. I was able to pay off my debt by eliminating all excess spending, making do, by finding creative ways to increase my income and by doing little things that added up over time. It was not easy. All the money that I saved went to paying off my debt. Another great thing about the Spending Fast and subsequent Spending Diet was that I tapped into my talents, found new ways to make money and THAT's why that one month had over 8k in savings… because I applied for an art commission and (thank god) got it.

    Also, for the record. My husband's income did NOT go into paying off my debt. He did not regularly buy me goodies or meals as you put it. Because of the Spending Fast my relationship started to suffer so I did enact a $35 allowance per month to do things with/for my husband. It helped our relationship and I'm glad I did it because it helped allow me to continue on with the Spending Fast and ultimately pay off my debt.

    Clark Howard's production team asked me numerous questions and I have been forthright and honest with every question and answer.

    What I did was exactly a Spending Fast.

    Also, I've never said I was special. Anyone can use the same techniques I did to get out of debt. If you have debt or you want to get to a better financial place you're welcome to use my tips and guidelines. Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

  13. Priscilla

    I also saw you on Clark Howard and think it's great how you made your story public! Living frugally, within your means, going out of your way to NOT spend $, it's the opposite of what society teaches and lots of people don't even realize it's an option but once they've heard (through people like you and Clark Howard) and realize they do have options, then there's hope for them. Between Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey, my husband and I are debt-free and it feels great!

  14. phdiva

    I also saw your clip on Clark Howard while channel surfing. Admittedly, I usually avoid "financial" shows because they make me feel guilty and stressed about my own mountain of debt and low credit score :( I have unfortunately had moments of impulse purchases! But watching your piece really inspired me- especially when I saw all the money you saved! Thanx for sharing your story, I'm a new fan!

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