A Giveaway with Seahag and Walrus! (CLOSED)

seahag and walrus giveaway

Setting out a towel in the park and laying in the grass is one of my most favorite free things to do in the summer. So you can imagine how excited I am that Jenny from Seahag and Walrus is giving one lucky reader a Lush Green Grass Ring! (That’s so nice of her!)

The winner will get to choose between the gun-metal or shiny silver version. All you gotta do is visit her shop and then leave a comment below saying what your favorite free Summer activity is.

Easy, Easy, Easy!

Then on Monday at 7pm (US Mountain time) a random winner will be selected and then the winner will be announced on Tuesday!

Yay for Summer!


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  1. teenie newell

    favorite summertime activity: anything that doesn't require much movement like flipping pages in a book, people watching at the lake, smiling at babies, and appreciating a breeze.

  2. Katie

    Such an awesome ring! You can keep a bit of summertime with you always! :)

    My favorite free summer activity is walking around air-conditioned museums and pretending to know something about art, and trying to interpret the artist's message. It helps you use your imagination and gives you inspiration, and plus, it is air-conditioned. Woo!

  3. mack

    Love that ring. Love this blog!!!

    My favorite summer freebie is taking my toddler guy to story time at the library. He plays with other little ones, we get to read, I get some "adult talkin' time" & it's air conditioned! Plus at the end, I check out the BBQ cookbooks to find tasty recipes for the grill. Yay summer!

  4. Brooke

    I freakin' adore that ring…

    I like hanging by the pool with a great book – downloaded for free to my Nook. :-)

  5. ashleycolean

    my favorite free summer activity is jazz in the park on sundays at city park in denver! you can bring your own blankets, booze, and dinner and enjoy a gorgeous night with great music and awesome vibe! love it! oh, and walking there is also free!! :)

  6. Wendy

    So eco-chic! Awesome.
    My favorite free thing to do is read a library book (I'm a librarian). Your local library probably does a summer reading program where you can score more free stuff and attend programs. Mine gives away gift cards to local places and hosts foreign film nights with exotic snacks. Check it out!

  7. courtney

    Oh I love that ring! What fun!
    My favorite free summer activity is doing chalk with my daughter. (Of course, you have to already have chalk for it to be free, but heck, I bought a bucket of the stuff at Target today for $1. Not bad!)

  8. Abby

    What an awesome ring, her shop is amazing! My fave free summer activity is sitting on my hammock swing, reading a good book (from the library of course! :))

  9. dana

    My favorite free summer thang is free movies on Friday evenings at the City Market in downtown Kansas City. They show stuff like Rocky Horror Picture Show. Another thing I love are the spray park/fountain park by Crown Center that kids (and adults) can run around in and cool off.

  10. Mindy

    My favorite summer activity is laying on the grass and staring at the clouds. Gorgeous in the trademark Colorado skies. Love it!

  11. Brenda

    My favorite free summer activity is Chinatown Summer Nights in LA. Lots of great music, arts and crafts for kids, cooking demonstrations, etc. All free if you don't count the food trucks!

  12. rachel diane

    my favorite summer activity is hula hooping while barefoot and listening to music! how hippie of me, but there truly is nothing like having your bare toes in the cool grass, getting some exercise, and jamming your favorite songs. ROCK!

  13. Ann

    Favourite free summertime activity for sure is going for a swim somewhere the water's cool. Then drying off in the sun, and hopping in the water again when you get too hot. Nature's version of central air.

  14. shayla pauley

    my favorite free summertime activity is actually two things….i couldn't choose between the two!
    I like movies in the park. certain towns will host free movies in the park once a month or so. they did it in denver at sloans lake when i lived there.
    second favorite thing is swimming in rivers and lakes and taking nature walks

  15. C. B.

    I found your blog from looking at these rings on etsy! I love them so much. My favorite summer past time is taking a drive to the state park and porcupine spotting!

  16. Kerry

    Puttering around my yard, then settling in with a pile of good books from my local library, leaning back and reading while watching cow-and-goat-grazing-in-the-field "tv". An optional followup is a visit to one of our town beaches. I LOVE where I live!

  17. Laurel

    I love laying outside in a hammock, or in the grass, feeling the breeze, watching the clouds or reading a good book. I also love walking down the beach at sunset feeling the sand in my toes. Not only free, but rewarding!

  18. Kim from N. CA Coast, Fort Bragg

    I LOVE those grass rings. Actually, I love everything at that online store. The spyglass/anchor necklace is my new lust-must-have. Oh yeah, back to the subject of FREE stuff! My favorite free summer activity is just laying on the beach with a book and a drink. If I close my eyes I can pretend I am on a tropical island on a fancy vacation. Ahhhhh….I hear the waves now.

  19. Francesca

    My favourite summer activity is making peanut butter and banana vegan ice cream and troughing it until I feel sick. PS LOve the feather bracelt !

  20. CJ

    Wow her shop is amazing, so many unique and interesting pieces. MY favorite summer activity is grabbing a book and heading down to the beach to read a couple hours before the sun sets, when the breeze starts to cool down and you border on needing a light jacket.

  21. Line Angelsen

    hope this is the right place to write the comment, because I couldn't find any commentspaces on her shop-page.. Anyway.. My favourite free summer activity is the day we let our cows and calves out to grass for the summer.. When we let them out for the first time, it's so funny to watch them running and jumping arond like crazy, and they are smelling and tasting everything.. :) Then I know it's summer;)

  22. Kris

    It's like a grassy knoll on your finger just for you! Love her shop!

    My favorite summer things to do are taking my greyhound to the doggie beach and watching him play in the water and cool down. Free movies in the park in Rosslyn… and exploring every nook of the National Gallery when the heat is overwhelming. I also work one weekend a month at a friend's restaurant and get to talk great food and wine while making some extra cash. Better than free!


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