A Free Thing

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Something I always feel kind of silly talking about is “Gratitude”. For some reason it just sounds inherently cheesy even though it’s not neccessarily. Maybe I just feel like some happy ass leprechan spewing cheer. Like, I almost want to tell myself to “Cut it out already” and stop being so Pollyanna-y.

Really, being grateful for what I have and taking note of it puts me in a state of mind to not want MORE. To realize that what I have is pretty freaking sweet and while it’s may not and mostly isn’t “perfect” it’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Good, bad, shitty, horrible and awesome.

Being grateful is free (yay!) too which only adds to it’s awesomeness.

What I’m currently grateful for:

– You reading what I write (that’s quite awesome really)

– Chocolate

– That my brother is not away in the war any more

– Crisp Gala apples

– Water

– A silly and cute husband

– Clean sheets

– Coffee. Oh, yumm… coffee…

– A good workout

– Sweating and aching after a good workout

– Fast internet

– A nice boss

– Funny images (like the one above)

– Laughing

– Good hair days

– A pen that writes nice

– A president that inspires hope

– The bus when it arrives right as I walk up to the stop (love that!)

– Long time friends

– Conversations with my sisters and brother

– Chubby babies

– Being busy

– Sleeping

– That “What Would You Do” show

– Knowing I did something I didn’t think I could do

– Photographing couples in love on their wedding day

– Photographing tiny newborns

– My health and families health

– My mom’s abbreviations of words that have never been abbreviated before

– Glasses

– Beards

– Breakfast foods

– Letterpress things

– Roof

– Heat

– Electricity

– Hot Water

– Sweets

– Frosting


What are you thankful for today dear reader?


8 thoughts on “A Free Thing

  1. Lee

    I love your list. Particularly number 3. I'm thankful that my brother is home from war as well. It's something to be grateful for that puts the rest of my life in perspective.

  2. momofhayes

    2) OUR HOUSE
    3) OUR JOBS
    6) COFFEE
    7) WINE

  3. Katy

    As I'm also trying to pay down my debt and get my spending under control, I've really been enjoying your website since a friend shared it on Facebook a few weeks ago. Little exercises like this are fun and put things in perspective.

    Things I am grateful for (in no particular order):
    – a comfortable bed
    – a comfortable couch
    – indoor plumbing and modern toiletries
    – toothpaste!
    – my two sweet and adorable cats
    – my also sweet (though considerably more sarcastic) boyfriend who is generous, funny, and adventurous.
    – The SavageLove podcast
    – This American Life
    – books
    – British television
    – Facebook (I'll admit it, I love it)
    – kind, generous, and loving parents
    – awesome blogs like yours
    – nice, funny, and creative coworkers
    – comfortable shoes
    – physical health and the ability to exercise
    – hair detangler
    – cute doggies
    – cook books, cooking blogs, and cooking itself
    – beautiful weather, be it sunny, rainy, or snowy
    – fresh produce
    – honey
    – chocolate
    – Madmen/Dexter/Breaking Bad/all the other freakin' rad TV out there
    – Netflix streaming
    – the bike path near my apartment that leads to the ocean

    I should do this more often!

  4. Kari

    Hmmmmmmmm, this might be long but here it goes……..

    – My awesome mom, dad, sister, and brother
    – My pet shih-poo Gnasher
    – My wonderful bedroom decorated by yours truly
    – My loving and loyal friends who are always there for me
    – Living in a country (Canada) that promotes freedom and equality
    – Blogging (Love ya Anna!)
    – My laptop
    – Streaming TV and movies on the internet
    – Hot Chocolate
    – Homemade knit mittens
    – The beach
    – Trees
    – Snow (just a sprinkling)
    – Sunshine
    – Stability in my life
    – My parents paying for school
    – Polite and genuinely nice people
    – My spiritual beliefs
    – Lots, and lots of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and my beautiful grandma
    – Golf (the card game)
    – Reading books (even trashy ones)
    – Brownies
    – BACON
    – My positive outlook on life
    – Laughter (and lots of it!)
    – Being single
    – Staying true to myself, no matter what :)

  5. dez

    I am thankful for my family, friends, my health, my sight, my hearing and mostly just living the life i've always wanted.

  6. jj

    I'm very thankful for all the "regular" important things like food, comfy home, heat, family, health, family's health etc. Plus the following things:

    1. bakery fresh challah bread
    2. Our new dog
    3. that I have a job
    4. local honey
    5. cheerios
    6. toilet paper
    7. lotion for my dry skin
    8. cable
    9. my pre-paid cheap cell phone that serves its purpose nicely
    10. tollhouse choc chip cookies
    11. my husband's banana muffins
    12. that I have a husband who likes to make banana muffins
    13. underwear
    14. anything made from fleece
    15. butter

  7. Peanut

    Your post, specifically the "my health" part struck a chord with me. Health usually tops my grateful list, but I have been having some not-good symptoms lately and your post made me cry, confess to my boyfriend what was going on, and finally see a doctor. Turned out to be nothing. But thanks!

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