A Curator, Rather Than a Consumer

A curator, rather than a consumer

“Think of yourself as a curator, rather than a consumer.” -Christine Koh

We’re told each and every day to consume, consume, consume! We NEED those new boots and that trip to the Bahamas and that new, shorter hairdo. But instead of mindlessly consuming, we need to have a vision for our lives and stick with that vision ruthlessly. Is your vision to be a world traveler? Great! Don’t buy the boots and save your money for a trip to the Bahamas. Is your vision to be a fashionista? Great! Buy the boots and don’t buy the plane ticket.

Saving money and achieving goals becomes so much easier when we get clear about our life’s vision and make ourselves curators, instead of consumers.

What are some of your big goals? I’d love to hear them in the comments.


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