7 Easy Ways To Save Money on Your Wedding Day (That Don’t Require Sacrifice)

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I’m so happy to introduce Ashley. Ashley is a makeup artist in Toronto and has picked up a ton of helpful tips on how to save money on weddings. She’s heard it all!

Hi! My name is Ashley. I’m a makeup artist from Toronto and work primarily in bridal. I blog over at Makeup: The Hustle. I write all about managing my new freelance life.

I meet upwards of 50 brides a year, so I’ve picked up a few tips on how to save money on your big day. A lot of the money saving advice that I’ve seen for weddings require sacrifices that aren’t for everyone. Typically, the suggestions are to: have an “off-season” wedding, and to schedule your wedding during the Monday-Friday work week. These are great places to start with saving money on your wedding, but these 7 tips will work for those highly-desired Saturday weddings that happen in the “high-season”.

7 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding…

1. Give Yourself Time

Many brides I meet describe wedding planning as their second job. Wedding planning takes time. Longer engagements have the benefit of leaving more time to save. It allows more time to: make things yourself (DIY), scour for deals, and secure choice vendors.

2. Set Priorities

In life, as in weddings, choices are so great and varied that we end up with more than we need! Splurge on the things that really matter. Forget the things that don’t. In life, I’m all about food and photography; those would be the features of my wedding and where I would put my money.

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3. Set A Budget

Obviously! You know I couldn’t stay away from the big B-word. Having a timeline in place and knowing what to prioritize when planning will help determine how much you need for your big day and how much can realistically be saved.

4. Get A Wedding Planner

It seems counter intuitive to save money by adding another expense but these folks are all about keeping you on track. Their events are not all 400+ people with a Trump-style budget. Wedding planners will help set priorities, find the right vendors for the right price and reveal all the hidden costs of weddings.

5. Daily Deals

One of my brides recently used Daily Deal sites to secure transportation, bridesmaids gifts and her hotel room for the wedding. She saved over $1,000 on items she would have purchased anyway. She paid a little more than the initial coupons to make customizations but stayed well under what she would’ve spent without the deals. The important thing is to keep your eyes peeled, read the fine print, and inquire about the date prior to purchase.

6. Buy Used

It’s safe to say that anyone who has bought something for their wedding has probably only used it once! From decor to dresses, there is a huge market of used wedding items to be found on Craigslist and wedding forums like: Bravo Bride, Recycled Bride (love the name), and Ruffled Blog. By adding some second hand elements it is sure-fire way to bring the cost down while also adding character, charm, and personality.

7. Ask For A Discount

This is a biggie. The reality is, as a vendor I am asked all of the time for a discount from brides. I can appreciate the question. The worst I can say is no. And sometimes I do; it’s not always possible to give a discount. But simply asking, with a bit of flattery and kindness can be enough.

Just remember to choose vendors who’s prices are close to your budget. It’s silly to ask a photographer who charges $6,000 to meet your $1,500 budget. But asking if there is a part of the package you can bypass to meet a $5,500 budget isn’t unrealistic.

Thanks Ashley!

Do you have any tips or ideas on how to save money on weddings? If so, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Jodi Goodfellow

    We also encourage brides to buy/sell their wedding dresses on Fashion Forward – there’s no shipping, buyers and sellers meet in local areas to exchange cash for fashionable goods! This eliminates long and overpriced shipping, not to mention the ability to try items on!


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