6 Shocking Ways Social Media Can Be Used To Save Money

6 Shocking Ways Social Media Can Be Used To Save Money

And the never-ending debate continues… what’s the best platform for saving money, websites (like this one) or social media? While both have unique advantages, there are certain situations that may compel you to choose one over the other. It all boils down to how much you want to save and what your preferred online platforms are. Turns out, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to getting great offers and saving money online. And, it’s not a pick only one situation! You can get the best of all the online world has to offer!

Built-in Community

Platforms like Facebook and Reddit have incredible communities of users on them that you can share info with or simply follow along to get frugal shopping tips and tricks. One of the absolute best things about Facebook in particular is that it allows for groups. I’d be silly for me to not to mention our super supportive and kind get-outta-debt community group that I’ve built on Facebook called, Spending Fasters, and we also have a more exclusive VIP Group.

Facebook allows these groups to exist and since so many people are already on the platform it makes it easy to tap into the groups there while you’re logged on. 

I really love our Spending Fasters and VIP Group so much because of how people in the groups support each other and build each other up. Being part of a group and community help you feel less alone in the struggle to get out of debt and overcome daily money and spending obstacles.

Pro tip #1: Turn on your group notifications. By simply seeing the groups alerts come up when you log into Facebook they will help you by subtly reminding you of your goals. Therefore helping you stick to your commitment to yourself. 

Pro tip #2: When you share your helpful tips, insights, and support with others in the groups and online communities it helps to start the process of building relationships. Then, when you need help people are more likely to respond in kind. 

Follow Brands Directly

We all have brands that we prefer, products that we love, and items we swear by that make our lives easier and better! While the Spending Fast method encourages us to eliminate as much as we possibly can so we can get out of debt as fast as possible, certain things can’t be removed from your life. That’s where substituting comes in. 

By following brands you know you’re gonna be buying from you can find sales and limited offers. By being savvy about it, you can utilize such information to get exclusive deals and hot sales.

It’s easy to see why various social media has become a major fixture in the online marketing landscape. Social media makes it easy to share updates, discounts and promotions while allowing you to save a lot of money. 

Win Giveaways

Have you ever been gearing up for your next travel or have you had your eye on pair of shoes that you are determined to buy but then your bank account says absolutely NOT? 

Well, lots of big and small brands will do giveaways and freebies (especially around the holidays) to encourage their loyal followers to tweet, share, or like their brand’s product and services with the potential to win a prize. 

Entrepreneurs are well aware that followers are the lifeline of their business and they will do anything within their scope to engage and develop an emotional connection with you. So, use this to your advantage to save money and possibly win giveaways! 

Get Participation Rewards

Who doesn’t enjoy freebies? 

Many brands will leverage the magnitude of social media to advertise their products and services and they will often hold contests to grab your attention and to reward you for your unwavering and cost-free participation.

Lots of companies will do things like host a voting contest or photo tagging contest where they ask you to tag as many of your friends as possible. Or they may ask their followers to share original photos and tag their brand for a chance to win a free gift or membership. It’s simply a matter of keeping your eyes peeled. 

Pro tip: If following the brands and companies you love is too tempting for you that you find yourself spending more than you know you should, then don’t do it. Click unfollow. You know yourself best. Trust your gut.

Receive Loyalty Rewards

How would you like to be rewarded by a company’s team when you notice that they’re celebrating a particular milestone or have released a new product? It’s not uncommon for customer-centric companies to celebrate with their loyal followers by extending exclusive offers to them such as a 10% off coupon for merely subscribing to their newsletter and being part of the team by promoting them on your social media platforms. 

Learn Frugal DIY Projects and Then Sell Them

If you’re a crafty entrepreneur and haven’t utilized platforms like Pinterest, then you’re missing out on learning so many thrifty hacks, DIY tricks, and tips that could potentially save you hundreds on any project you have in mind. Can you imagine producing handmade and economical products and then selling them at craft shows, pop-up shops, and online marketplaces worldwide? This not only provides you with more reach but it can also help you turn a new hobby into a thriving business. What’s not to love about social media? 

Did we leave off an important tip that helps YOU save money because of social media? If so, tell us below! And, if this helped you, we’d love for you to comment below and share it with your friends!


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