5 Purchases You Didn’t Know About That Will Save You Money Long Term

Save money long term

Two of the biggest enemies of saving money are routine and CONVENIENCE. Whether you’re caught in a cycle of spending, or avoiding it altogether, the consequences can mean piled up expenses. If you refuse to buy a quality product because of the expense, you may wind up making too many smaller purchases. Disposable products are also to blame for a cycle of unnecessary spending. Here are some great ideas for purchases you may need in your home that can help save money long term.

A Steam Mop

While the initial price of this product might make you feel like, “whattt?” This one will actually help you save you money despite the initial expense; mainly because of how much time it’ll save you and because of it’s all in one nature and reusable components. The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is customizable and kills 99.9% of bacteria. It works on practically all non- carpeted surfaces and cleans twice as fast as similarly designed steam mops. Not to mention, unlike other mops, the design doesn’t require matching refill containers. That means no need to replace an obsolete product to coordinate with updated refills. Not to mention how much money you’ll save by keeping the germs at bay meaning you and your family will avoid sickness and missed days from work and school so you avoid any loss of income that would come along with missing school and work.

Reusable Swiffer Compatible Dust Pads

These Reusable Swiffer Compatible Dust Pads are fantastic because they put an end to the cycle of constantly buying refills for your Swiffer sweeper. They’re machine washable and will save you money over the disposable pads. These come as a pack of two for around $10. It’s a great long-term solution to sweeping your floors that beats the old-fashioned mop and bucket ‘o’ water method by simplifying the process and the amount of tools needed to do the job.

High Efficiency Showerhead

Here’s an exciting way to save water without suffering the effects of cutting back on water. The high efficiency High Sierra Showerhead is the best way to go low flow, because it doesn’t feel low flow. The efficient design still gives you a strong, full spray while somehow using less water. The design has the capability of saving over 40% of water use, AND cuts back on the energy used to heat the water as well. Let’s just say win-win!

Energy Saving Surge Protector

Conserve energy remotely with this ingenious surge protector from Belkin. It has an 8-outlet capacity and a 4-foot cord length and comes with a wireless remote switch for 6 of the outlets while 2 always stay on. The ability to control the power flow makes it much easier to conserve power and shut down unused outlets.

Motion Activated Light Switch

This simple switch to motion activated technology can really save money long term on your energy bill. It’s not even very expensive at under $20 with free Prime shipping. When your lights are connected to motion, there is no longer a need to run up the power bill by leaving lights on in the house. Only use the energy when you need the light and you’ll likely see a substantial decrease in your monthly utilities!

What are your favorite low-impact ways to save money? Tell me below!


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