5 Side Gigs You Can Do While Social Distancing

Since we’re all living through a pandemic, it’s not the most opportune time to get a side gig that would require you to leave your home. You will be happy to know that getting a pandemic side gig is easier than you might think! There are plenty of side gigs that introverts have been taking advantage of for years and now that lockdowns have become even harsher in certain parts of the country, it’s a great time to look at these awesome options. Here’s how you can start earning extra money (or money to live on!) while maintaining your social distance. They won’t replace a full-time job right off the bat but these pandemic side gigs are perfect to do while you

5 Pandemic Side Gigs

1. Delivery Gig

Delivery jobs have exploded in the wake of the pandemic. If you don’t join Ubereats, Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, etc., there are countless grocers and restaurants that hire drivers to make deliveries without the tech companies taking all the dough. With restaurants under serious restrictions in most places and customers preferring to stay safe, there is a huge demand for drivers willing to deliver meals and other essentials to the customer’s doorstep. It’s easy to sign up as a driver for one of the major tech delivery apps or you can apply directly at a local establishment that you know offers a delivery service.

2. Reselling Gig

Reselling is an easy pandemic side gig to get into because it all starts with selling what you already own. That’s just the beginning for minimalists who get hooked and turn to reselling for sustainable additional profit. When you’ve cleared out your attic or garage and you need more inventory you can always buy bulk products from Liquidations.com, BULQ, or Wholesale Ninja. With reselling platforms like Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay, there are plenty of ways to buy and sell merchandise without ever leaving your home.

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3. Offer Virtual Assistance

Becoming a virtual assistant is easy enough if you have a computer and good social networking skills. You can build a client base and make some money on the side by doing anything from data entry to growing people and brands social media accounts. If you enjoy analysis or have a penchant for multitasking, becoming a VA might be just the side gig you’re looking for. As a virtual assistant, you do all your work from home, which means you set your own hours and bonus… there’s no dress code.

4. Become a Creative Freelancer

Like Virtual Assistance work that we talked about above there is big demand for writers, graphic artists, crafters, and every other type of creative. You can post your talents and skills on Fiverr, or sell your creations on Etsy.  You can even join Facebook Groups specialized to your skillset and sell yourself there. The great news is that if you’re an artist of any kind you can find clients who are looking exactly for what you produce as your pandemic side gig.

5. Take Surveys

It may not be as exciting as getting a gig writing an article, or doing graphic art, but who doesn’t like to express their opinions. There are marketing firms out there on the internet who are looking for consumers to talk to. These agencies’ job is to pick your brain so that their clients can do a better job reaching people like you. Just for answering some questions, you can get paid for your opinions. There are dozens of survey companies that pay you for your time and practically nothing more. It’s not a full-time job, but it’s a good way to make a few dollars on the side if you have some extra time on your hands.

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