4 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Have you ever sold your home before? If you haven’t I’d like to let you know that it is stressful. I’m sure other people have handled it better, but I was a nervous wreck.

I remember waiting inside my hallway listening to the bids from the auction outside. All I could think was ’What if we don’t get the price we need to move into the next place?’

We were lucky. My wife and I got the magic number we needed (and then some), so the story ended well. But to someone about to go through the rigmarole of selling their home, I only would say one thing.

‘You need to be prepared’

Not only emotionally, but prepare your home to look and be its best. Because a good sale is also a timely sale. So, to help others get to that ‘magic number’ I thought I would post four of the most cost-effective things I did to get my sale price.

4 Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal …


1. Clean exterior walls and fences

One of the best things about new paint is that it looks clean. But you can get a similar effect simply by cleaning. All you need is some sugar soap, a hose and a couple of sponges or rags.

I had painted my house only a couple of years ago, but my neighbor’s dogs had torn up their front yard to dirt. The dirt had blown over the fence and found itself on my weatherboard façade.  After we cleaned it with a hose and some sponges it looked a million times better. (Well, maybe not a million, but at least a few thousand :) )

You can use a pressure washer if you have one, or borrow one from a neighbor or friend. It is possible to rent pressure washers as well.

Although it’s easy to overlook cleaning to improve curb appeal, it’s only afterward, looking back on the job, that you can see just how dirty the home was and how much better it looks clean!



2. Paint your front door a contrasting color

While lighting does help at night, during the day nothing brightens up your home more than a bright, contrasting color.

Although painting their front door a bright color can make some people a little nervous, it does make a good first impression. It also draws people’s eyes to the entrance, which also is important in making that first impression.

It should take only one quart of paint, and if you don’t like the result, you can paint over it again



3. Installing house numbers (new or with a little character)

It sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked. That’s because when you are somewhere you haven’t been before, you’re looking to see if you are in the right spot. So, why not make someone’s first impression of your home a fantastic one with a new or unique set of house numbers?

A quick online search will give you plenty of great ideas. I didn’t do anything special with my house numbers. I just put an easy to read number on the front of my letterbox.



4. Clean up the garden with some new mulch

Instead of a wood picket or brickwork fence, I had a hedge. That was great, because I love gardening, but it also required a little more maintenance. So, instead of adding a new coat of paint, or cleaning my fence, I trimmed my hedge and put down some new mulch. It helped the garden bed look nicer, and covered any weeds I may have missed.

As a side note, the best place I have found to get mulch is through the local classifieds. The couple I found selling it had a lot of pine trees knocked down because of a storm. They let me fill up my truck with aged pine mulch for $15. I believe the same volume at the hardware store would have been more than $100.



And there you have it. Those are some of the secrets to my happy house selling adventure.


What have you done to improve your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank?

When Zac’s wife told him he needed a new shed, it sparked an obsession with everything project-related outdoors; from building sheds to starting gardens, keeping chickens and more. He writes about how to DIY and get the most out of your outdoor space over on his site Zac’s Garden

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