Spending Fast Month 3 – Conquered!

3 month pregancy illustration

I googled 3 month images and this showed up. So this is my Spending Fast baby. haha.

Then I used the Baby Name Genie to name it. Because, I guess I am extremely bored today. The name they came up with Molly May Fast. so adorable.


For the 3rd month of the Spending Fast I saved $360.95. Which is good but pretty low compared to last months big boy savings that was 3 times as much as this months! I was bummed when I realized I hadn’t saved that much this month but then I remembered that I had to buy a plane ticket to go visit a new baby family member, last month was a really short month and also what else, oh yes, my Luna Bar obsession is still in full-effect. So while $360.95 doesn’t impress me it will help me get myself out of debt a bit more and I have to appreciate the fact that this month I didn’t get myself further into debt which is totally good.

This $360.95 is gonna go towards the ol’ credit card again. Geez, I want to get that thing paid off and over with already!

Check out the Total Savings tab to see the total amount I’ve saved.

P.S. Ready to get out of debt ASAP? Check out the Spending Fast Bootcamp!


2 thoughts on “Spending Fast Month 3 – Conquered!

  1. marianney

    yay! congrats! you just gotta think that $360.95 is way more than you would have saved if you weren’t fasting at all. you’ll have that debt paid off in no time!

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