33 Ways to Save a Buck Right This Minute

33 ways to save a buck right this minute

Saving money is something all of us can since there are so many ways you can save regardless of your income or your personal finance management skills. It’s really as easy as becoming conscious and making a few simple changes!

Here are 33 ways to easily save a buck right this minute…

1. Look in your pockets

Loose change in your pockets should be kept in a piggy bank and allowed to accumulate then deposited into your savings account.

2. Adjust your home thermostat

When you are leaving your home for the day, make sure the thermostat is set properly to prevent the heat or air conditioning from coming on unnecessarily.

3. Clip some coupons

Review the coupons pages in the newspaper or magazines to save money on the items you use most often. Keep the coupons in your wallet so you have them at checkout time and can easily discard them after they’ve expired. (Related: How to Coupon Like a Pro)

4. Sign up for loyalty rewards

Sign up for the loyalty rewards cards at the supermarket and other stores you favor. They often have exclusive deals not afforded to the general public that will save you money.

5. Unplug unused electronics

Sure it’s convenient to keep your phone charger and other electronics plugged in when they are not in use but you can save quite a few dollars in a year by unplugging anything not being used.

6. Make your own coffee

Forget the daily stop at the coffee shop or gas station. You can save plenty of money every day by making your own cup of coffee rather than indulging in a store-bought cup. (You might like this related post: There is Free Coffee Just Waiting For You)

7. Pack your own lunch

Skip the restaurants for your lunch break and instead pack your own lunches. Not only will you save money, you can eat much healthier than when opting for greasy fast food.

8. Order water

When you do dine out, choose water instead of soda and alcohol beverages. You can save a lot of money opting for water and you’ll better quench your thirst and keep yourself on a healthy track.

9. Opt for generic

Brand named items from clothing to groceries to prescription medications can often be the most expensive option so when you have the opportunity, choose generic items which often contain the exact same ingredients and have the same look for much less.

10. Use your library

If you are a big reader, you can spend quite a few hundred dollars sustaining your new book supply. Check out your local library and try borrowing news books rather than buying them at full retail price. You can also rent movies and utilize internet services at no cost to you provided you return everything on time. (You might like: Have You Library-ied Lately?)

11. Swap movies with friends

Your friends may have a nice selection of movies or video games you can swap to keep yourself or your kids busy. Remember to label what is yours and pass around the idea of the swap with friends, relatives, and co-workers to keep your options open.

12. Prepare nightly for your day

You may be spending one too many dollars simply because you face your day unprepared, forgetting things and having to waste money on replacement stuff.

13. Take a walk

If you live in an area where it is safe to walk, swap your car for your sneakers and hit the road. You save a lot of money on gas, vehicle wear and tear, or bus fare and can improve your health by walking when possible to complete your various errands. (Related: “I Lost 84 Pounds Without a Gym Membership”)

14. Check your tire pressure

Under-inflated tires means you are not getting the fuel efficiency from your vehicle that you should. Keep the proper air pressure in your vehicle at all times to improve your gas mileage and also to ensure your safety.

15. Quit smoking

The cost of cigarettes and tobacco has risen astronomically. If you haven’t considered quitting for the sake of your health, consider quitting to save your $6 a day.

16. Learn to cook

You may think you are hopeless in the kitchen but learning a few basic fundamentals of cooking can help you save a lot of money by allowing you to eat at home rather than at pricey restaurants.

17. Shop at dollar stores

Dollar stores have come a long way and can save you money on specific items like laundry soap, cleaning supplies, snacks, and pantry items.

18. Check out local yard sales

You can find a lot of great things at local yard sales that can save you big. Furniture, movies, video games, kids’ toys, and other items can often be found in great condition for just a few bucks.

19. Pay your bills on time

Skip the pricey late fees by making sure all of your bills are paid on time each month. This will also improve your credit history so you can pay less in interest on loans and credit cards in the long run.

20. Skip the lottery

The dollar or two you put down each week hoping to become a millionaire would be better served in an interest-earning savings account.

21. Downgrade services/utilities

You may like the convenience of extended cable packages and the bells and whistles of a smart phone but you don’t necessarily need those things. Downgrade your services as much as you can for monthly savings or cancel it entirely in the interest of frugality.

22. Find a free checking account

Some banks and credit unions are still offering free checking accounts as a way to keep new business coming in. If you are not getting free checking or other incentives with your current bank, consider making a switch. (On a personal note: once I switched from a huge corporate bank to a credit union the random fees were dramatically reduced. I wish I had switched earlier!)

23. Use your own bank’s ATM

Using an ATM outside of your bank’s network can cost you up to $5 for each transaction. Skip the fee and use only your own bank’s money machine.

24. Schedule a trip to the doctor/dentist

By keeping up with proactive medical maintenance, you can save a lot of money over the long-term. Keep your teeth cleaned, get annual physicals, and have recommended testing done to prevent major illnesses from devastating your financially.

25. Review insurance coverage

You may be paying too much for insurance that you don’t need anymore. Make sure to review your policy each year to make changes so you only pay for what coverage you need.

26. Prepare freezable meals

Stop running to the drive-through because making dinner is too much trouble when you are in a hurry. Pre-plan for busy days by cooking meals ahead of time that can be frozen and conveniently reheated on the quick when everyone is starving.

27. Use cash-back incentives

Many credit card companies are offering cash-back incentives just for using your card. These cash back rewards can take money off your monthly bill or can be additional cash in the bank each month.

28. Weatherproof your living space

Drafts from doors and windows can cost you a lot of money in heating and cooling costs. Add weather-stripping to gaps and routinely check for areas that need attention.

29. Start a garden

Save money at the grocery store by growing your own vegetables and fruits. You can plant what you like and reap the rewards of your hard work. Even container gardens in your apartment can be an effective means of always having fresh produces and herbs on hand.

30. Forget the dry cleaner

Dry cleaning costs can be very expensive especially if the majority of your wardrobe requires special care. Buy wash and dry clothing only and save dry cleaning for seasonal outerwear or expensive evening wear for special occasions.

31. Find free local entertainment

Many local churches and community organizations offer get-togethers or events that are low-cost or even free for families to participate in or attend. Keep tabs on your local community activities through newspaper listings, social media, or by volunteering your own time to help.

32. Go ahead and re-gift

If you have items that were given to you and you just have no need for it you can hang on to it and use it as a gift for someone else. While the gift may not have been an ideal choice for you, the purchases has been able to help save you money.

33. Just stash a buck

Every day take one dollar bill out of your wallet or pocket and put it in a jar or piggy bank. Within a years’ time you will have saved $365 for your emergency fund, a family vacation, or your retirement.


What are your favorite easy ways to save money? 


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  2. Dr. Dina

    I love this article, so informative. I also love to frequent local flea markets. Not only can you find excellent deals on everything, but I also get a good walking workout as well. All these tips are wonderful especially growing a garden, I will start one soon, thank you!

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  4. Emily

    Thanks for these awesome tips, Anna! I have heard some of them before but find them just as helpful. I am currently stuck in the trenches and lost a little bit of the “every dollar makes a difference” perspective. Thanks for the boost!

  5. Roy

    Preparing freezable meals can be a great way to save money. I have found the biggest savings can come when particular foods are cheap just after harvest time. You can freeze fruits and veggies individually, of course, but it also provides an opportunity to bulk cook your favorite meals that include the abundant produce and freeze those too.

    If you have children and space to grow your own produce, that takes the exercise up to a whole new level with multiple benefits, not just saving.

  6. Deanne McMannis

    One day every weekend, my husband and I plan and prepare meals for the entire week. We plan for lunch and dinner. The crockpot and oven may be going all day, but it pays off all week when I only have to heat things up when I get off work. No more going out to eat constantly either.


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