25 Free INSTANT Mood Boosters

25 free instant mood boosters

This is a post by Chelsea who is currently doing a Spending Fast®.

Being on a year-long Spending Fast is awesome for finances but not always so awesome for the brain. It is easy to get bummed out that we can’t go shopping with our friends or buy the latest nail polish colors.

25 Free INSTANT Mood Boosters…

1. Go to the animal shelter and walk a dog

There is nothing quite like connecting with an animal. There are always dogs at the local  shelter who would love to go for an outing. The fresh air and furry love is sure to bring out a smile.

2. Rent a movie from the library

Most libraries have a selection of DVDs that can be checked out. Search for a classic that you’ve never seen.

3. Sit outside and count the squirrels

Taking time to connect with nature and slow down is an instant mood booster.

4. Go through old photos 

Remember that time you spontaneously took a road trip with your best friend? Or when your kids were toddlers? Happy memories lift moods.

5. Write an email to an old friend

Everyone enjoys knowing they’re appreciated.

6. Pull out old CDs and make a mix of your favorite songs

There is nothing more fun than listening to the songs from your childhood

7. Rearrange your furniture

Shake up that energy! Moving furniture around makes the whole room feel fresh and different.

8. Eat a meal with your hands

Get down and dirty with your food! Make yourself laugh!

9. Watch your favorite cartoon 

Animation is fun!

10. Search pictures of baby animals online

Baby elephants make everyone happy.

11. Organize

Go to that drawer/garage/box that you’ve been avoiding. Tackling that clutter will clear out your mind and provide a sense of accomplishment.

12. Take a walk

Get that blood pumping!

13. Go through your contacts and call someone you forgot about

Hearing an old familiar voice is good for the soul.

14. Get dressed up for a normal event

Why wait until a huge event to get fancy? Throw on some eyeliner and heels and go run errands.

15. Ask a friend about their life and actually listen

When was the last time you actually stopped and asked your friends about their lives?

16. Brush your teeth

Fresh breath, fresh attitude!

17. Read old journal entries or emails

Remember that challenge that you didn’t think you could get through? Well, look at you! You made it and you’re awesome! Reflecting on how much you’ve accomplished is a confidence booster.

18. Watch a YouTube video of your favorite animals

Not only are photos of animals cute, but videos are even better!

Check out these otters holding hands!

19. Restart a lost New Year’s Resolution

Did the year start off strong but your motivation fall through? Hop back on that horse!

20. Make a gratitude list

Write down all the things you have in your life to be thankful for every day. It sounds silly but has been proven to bring out a positive outlook.

21. Meditate

Sit still and focus only on your breathing. You are calm and you’re alive!

22. Drive with your arm out the window

Because…well, it’s fun!

23. Take your vitamins 

When your body gets the nutrients it needs your mind will soar!

24. Cook a delicious meal, just for yourself

Because you’re worth it!

25. Workout

Endorphins are life’s gift to everyone.


What are your favorite free ways to get an instant mood boost? Want more ideas? Check out: 56 Things to do Instead of Spending Money

Chelsea Overton is in the midst of a Spending Fast® and writes about it from North Carolina with her bulldog, Xena the Warrior Princess, by her side. She also has her own website where she logs her journey towards financial freedom. 


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  1. Noel

    You forgot romantic love (my favorite free mood-booster)! Make out on a park bench, kiss in the car like teenagers, and never underestimate the power of a little afternoon delight… You may think you’re not in the mood until things start heating up- a quick way to forget all about old what it’s face that was stressing you while having a great time with your partner!

  2. Jane

    I put on my faux-Zumba playlist and shake what my mama gave me :) Dancing around the house for even 10 minutes gets my endorphins going and my mood is so much better.


  3. Caitlyn

    Otter video is the cutest thing ever. I have seen the beginning before, but never watched it all the way through – but the end is the best part! Thanks for the smile!

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    1. Chelsea Overton Post author

      I’ve never thought about the endorphins that get flowing! That could actually be why I feel such a happy rush when I move things around! So smart!!


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