175 MPH Into A Cement Wall. Basically. (AKA The Spending Fast is Really F-ing Hard)

newborn cell phone fail


Complete and utter implosion.

So, it seems that I’ve been missing the point. Without overstepping boundaries and getting myself deeper into “trouble” I’m going to try to tell you the story without making anyone mad. And by anyone I mean the hub.

Unfortunately, my relationship is starting to suffer because of the dear old Spending Fast! ugh. That. was so NOT the point of the Spending Fast. It’s been an unwelcome side effect and it seems I have inadvertently become a big total and complete A-Hole.

I admit, I’ve been 1 track minded. Save, Save! SAVVVEE! And, in the process I have not been able to reciprocate as needed and as one typically would reciprocate in a relationship. I admit: I’ve wanted to eat an avocado that wasn’t mine, I’ve had more than my fair share of cereal and I’ve accepted meals without giving anything in return expect for a smile, a kiss, a hug and a hearty and enthusiastic “Thank you baby!”

So, it looks like I’m gonna have to make some concessions in the Spending Fast here in regards to my relationship with my husband. I’m going to need to buy more avocados, some cereal, some more gas for the car, buy him lunch or dinner as a treat and go to a movie with him more often than never, like I have been.

Having my marriage suffer isn’t something that I ever expected to happen and of course wouldn’t want to happen as a result of this project. As I mentioned in The Guidelines at the beginning of the year I want my relationships to be #1 and that’s not happening. It seems to some people that the Spending Fast is #1 and obviously that’s not the point.

Like, completely, not the point.

Since I didn’t ask my husband if it was ok with him to do it (my feminist side despises that concept) or even discuss the Spending Fast with him before I decided to do it this really shouldn’t be as big of a surprise as it is that this has become an issue. I mean, really, it does affect him and it does affect the amount of things we can do together and I don’t want him to go into debt by paying for stuff for me as I’m sitting over here with all my debt paid off and money in savings.

Totally not the point.

So, it looks like a little good ol’ fashioned reluctant compromise is in store for me. I’m going to discuss it with him. Look who’s sooo mature. And, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to make him ok with the Spending Fast by spending no more than $35 extra bucks a month with/for him. I’m reluctant to do this “allowance” since I decided to not go through with any exceptions earlier in the fast as mentioned and discussed in this post.

I’m going to plan on getting $35 cash at the beginning of the month. I’ll put it in an envelope and any of that money that doesn’t get spent will go into the savings pot for the month. Everything else with the Spending Fast will remain the same.