10 Best Ways to Save Money with Costco Memberships

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When I asked you all about your money saving tips for Amazon a few weeks ago your response was overwhelming! (Thank you again!! I learned quite a bit too!) I also asked you to share some of your best money saving tips for Costco with me on my personal Facebook profile, on my Instagram profile, in the Spending Fasters group, and on the AndThenWeSaved Facebook page. Your responses were really great, you guys! I read your replies and you had so many amazing suggestions and so much insightful advice! Once again, I was totally blown away!

Costco is an enormous place with a huge capacity for opportunities to save; BUTTTT we all know, not everything at Costco saves money. Costco is such a popular retailer and there are definitely ways to maximize potential savings… if done correctly. So, if you have a Costco membership here are some of the hottest money-saving tips to help you make the most of your membership and yield better results with your shopping.

I’ve taken your answers and put them all together in this post that I hope you all find really helpful! Let’s get into it!

1. Knowledge of Competitive Pricing

“Know your prices going in and stick to a list. We typically don’t buy produce there because it is significantly more expensive than our grocery store.” – Julie C.

2. Get What You Came For

“Tires, prescription glasses, outdoor furniture, plants, meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit, dog food, kitty litter, toilet paper, Kleenex, health and beauty, clothing, shoes, toys at Christmas, gift cards. I shop the inner aisles with coupons and sales.” – Suzan F.

“You need to stick to your list of groceries.” – Ashley N.

3. Recognize Deals and Save

” I bought our Vitamix at Costco…saved ? We buy our almonds at Costco and make our own almond butter.” – Angela M.

4. Savings in Quality and Freshness

“Surprisingly, even though we are only a family of two, I buy produce there. There is such high turnover that everything is very fresh. The six packs of romaine hearts last for 2+ weeks and the grape tomatoes almost as long. They’re about half the cost (or less) compared to the grocery store.” – Julie B.

5. Hedge Against Impulse

“Okay I don’t know if you’ll think this is a good tip BUT, I pay for the delivery service because even though it costs a little bit more, it saves me hundreds from not being able to ‘impulse buy’.” – Darci C.

6. Save on Name Brand Organics

“You can often get name brand organic for much less. I always buy LaCroix, milk, organic quinoa, Amy’s frozen meals, organic local honey, toilet paper, paper towels, sensitive dove soap, organic pea protein powder and platinum dishwasher detergent pods. These are all things I would buy anyways, I just get them for a consistent lower price in a large size so I have to buy less often.” – Ashley N.

7. Sharing Bulk

“Have a “Costco friend” that you can split larger bulk items with and split the costs. Also split your bulk purchases so your not buying EVERYthing all at the same times. So we normally go every other month at least. One time it may be bulk food, then the next paper items, etc. so that your not having so spend such a large amount in your budget. Also diapers and wipes from Costco are CHEAP and in bulk. Kids lunch/snack items save lots. We also buy our meat in bulk there then split it, wrap in freezer paper and freeze it in the portions we will need. Trying to think of all the things – can you tell we love Costco haha!” – Brittany R.

“I wasn’t able to do this but if you split the cost of the membership with a friend or family member…you have to be able to prove you are at the same address as them though.” – Christin M.

8. The Gas!!!!!!!

“In SF (San Francisco) area, the gas is cheaper than anywhere you can find by like $0.50 or $0.60.” – Jennifer D.

9. Employ a Rotating System

“Stagger your purchases that don’t need to happen monthly. One month toilet paper, another month laundry detergent, etc” – Rachel T.

“Finding things that are their Kirkland brand but are the major brand things at way lower costs. Things like: diapers (Huggies), formula (Similac ProAdvance), soda water (LaCroix), etc. Also, the rotisserie chicken haven’t changed prices in forever. And the small ones are the same price as the ones that touch the edges. Gas also can be a big difference depending on where you live.” – Meghan B.

10. Costco in Addition to Coupon Shopping

“If you are willing to shop with coupons and go to the lowest priced store then maybe Costco is not the best deal for you, but if you are looking for specific brands, or items that are always a good price, then Costco is your place. My number one reason is that the employees get paid a living wage and choose to stay with the company for many years. Their lower turnover results in good knowledgeable employees who are fast and efficient at checkout and beyond.” – Ashley N.

Did we leave off a tip that you LOVE that saves you tons at Costco? If so, tell us below! And, if this helped you, we’d love for you to comment below and share it with your friends!

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