How To Wear One Look a Zillion Different Ways!

1 outfit styled 7 ways make the most of what you've gotDressing with style when you’re low on money is all about making the most of what you’ve got, and TaRosa Jacobs of Wishlist Vintage knows exactly how to make it happen! Girl can put together an outfit- let me tell you!

When I first saw this green suit I thought, “Okay, that’s one outfit. cool.” But, oh, no. Turn’s out there are so many possibilities!

1 Outfit Styled A Zillion Different Ways – How To Make The Most of What You’ve Got

Keep in mind, you don’t need to find a suit that looks just like this one to recreate the looks. Find a similar silhouette: a short-sleeved top and pencil skirt set. There are versions of this suit all over the United States in millions of thrift and vintage stores (this one still might be available at Wishlist Vintage. Contact TaRosa if you want to swipe it up). Also, while I love vintage, thrift, and local independent stores don’t disregard big brand stores just because this is a vintage look. You just might be able to find a suit that is similar to this one on some amazing after-season clearance. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t be afraid of the bolder colors. I was surprised at how many options there were with this color; it really became a neutral.

The key to neutralizing a bright color is to tone is down with a real neutral like, grey, nude, tan, black, or navy.

You’ll see a lot of items used again and again in these style posts (see the last one here) because I want to show you how many different looks can be created with just a few things changing. Don’t get caught up in the trap of thinking you need a different shoe or different bag for each different look or season. Make the most of what you’ve got; re-wear and re-style what you already own to make it fresh again and to feel more excited about what you own. (see my all-time best tip for having style on the cheap)

1 outfit styled 7 ways make the most of what you've got

Look #2.Pair the skirt with a bold top, skinny belt that matches the skirt and neutral heels. This look is fancy and bright!

Look #3. Pair the skirt with a neutral grey t-shirt, neutral tights, a cardigan and dark boots. This look is tough but feminine.

1 outfit styled 7 ways make the most of what you've got

Look #4. Wear the skirt with the grey t-shirt and neutral heels. This look is cool, casual, and not at all fussy (which I like).

1 outfit styled 7 ways make the most of what you've got

Look #5. Take the top (which looks a little dressy) and grab your dark jeans. The jeans help make the top look a little less serious, and the green bag is from the accessories swap! This look is so wearable and would be perfect for “Jeans Friday” at work.

Look #6. Pair the top with shorts, and your neutral heels, and if it’s chilly out try the shorts with tights. This look would be great for a home-cooked meal on a patio, and you could probably also get away with it for office wear too. (Side- note: the shorts with tights look seems to work the best when there is a bit of a flare at the end of the shorts and it doesn’t really work when the tights are closer to the leg like these shorts are. Trust me, we tried and it looked like a was wearing biking shorts and it was not a cute look on me; a bit of flare will do ya right.

What are your tips for getting the most out of your clothes and maximizing what you already own?

Thank you to Aaron Jones for the photos!

(outfit details: look #1, wishlist vintage green suit, aldo heels, vintage purse from swap. look #2, all wishlist vintage, urban outfitters heels. look #3, wishlist vintage cardigan and skirt, american apparel t-shirt, we love colors tights. look #4, american apparel t-shirt, wishlist vintage skirt, uo heels. look #5, wishlist vintage top, vintage purse from swap, uo heels, bdbg jeans. look #6, all wishlist vintage, heels uo.)


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  1. Jay

    This article reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Marge buys that Chanel suit and keeps resewing it into other outfits :) love it.


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